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  • Quality has a name K & M and is at home in Wertheim  

    K & M 19720 iPad Holder (iPad 1) (Electronics)
    The iPad Holder is just great. Very stable and the Ipad is taken very gentle but also absolutely secure in the bracket. I suppose the holder for work related to photography. The iPad is securely held while I deal with the iPad tethered shooting with
  • Whatsapp onboard! Bluetooth tethering with iPad or iPod possible!  

    Nokia 515 DE Smartphone (6.1 cm (2.4 inch) color display, 5 megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth 3.0) White (Electronics)
    I hate touch screen mobile phones for various reasons that I do not want all now enumerate. But most of all because of the tight rein on users (at least on Android and Apple meets the to). The Nokia 515 is the right phone for Leutz like me who but no
  • Perfect tethering with my EOS cameras without Wifi  

    TP-Link TL-MR3040 3G / 4G wireless router (2.4GHz, 150Mbit / s, USB 2.0, Travel Router (AP), WISP Client Router) (Personal Computers)
    From the 6D I'm accustomed Wifi Tethering and is very convenient especially when on location, because the display of the cameras anyway arg is small. To sift The image taken on a larger screen / display is therefore extremely helpful. Use this small
  • iPad Air - the iPad in the 5th generation.  

    Apple iPad Air 32GB WIFI silver - 9.7 "Tablet - 1.3 GHz 24,6cm display MD789FD / A (Personal Computers)
    Because the report is yet become a little longer, as a reading aid, a small table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Weight 3. Form Factor / feel / externals 4. Inner values 5. iOS 7, Setting, Integrated Apps 6. Scope of delivery / Accessories / supplem
  • The iPad in the 4th generation  

    Apple MD510FD / A iPad 4 Retina 24.6 cm (9.7 inches) Tablet PC (Apple A6X, touchscreen, 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB flash memory, WiFi, Apple iOS) Black (Personal Computers)
    To anticipate: you need the iPad does not really want it but still not give up after a short time. For me it has finally taken to the 4th generation that I was the attraction of the new class of devices (tablet computer) - am and succumbed to the iPa
  • Ideal for Low-phone users / surfers & frequent-WhatsApper  

    WhatsApp SIM - Nano-SIM card suitable for eg iPhone 5 (Electronics)
    I'm very satisfied with the purchase of this prepaid card! Use the "WhatsAll" option and the new automatic credit top via credit card! Unfortunately, SIM activation took a bit long - just over 7 hours instead of the specified max. 4 hours! Other
  • Expensive but good - and clearly for the iPad Air 2  

    Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air (2nd Gen) Black (Personal Computers)
    I had only a KAVAJ case, because I was very happy for my iPad 2 with the. The iPad Case by Air2 KAVAJ is pretty, but not the automatic shutdown, even the state functions work ... But we come to the Apple case (which I would have to buy the same): - V
  • I'm totally thrilled! Ipad (Air 1) and iPhone (5), both IOS 8 now on my TV in connection with the FireTV  

    AirReceiver (App)
    Today I received my FireTV and So for me the most important features I wanted to try once: the display of what I see on the iPad screen to see on the TV screen. So I had understood when ordering the device in September. Unfortunately, it turned out t
  • Works from the iPad without any problems.  

    Airtight (App)
    Playback works from the iPad without any problems, even with video. Unfortunately, the Mac can not be contacted. All in all the best AirPlay app I've tested so far.
  • Funktionier of iPad 1 and 3 & Android mobile phone  

    AirPlay / DLNA receivers (PRO) (App)
    Does the iPad as well as from an Android phone. SkyGo has not yet worked. Probably because of HD. Must make me smart because again if that could work anyway.
  • WhatsApp in safe  

    Threema (App)
    Finally, the app can also be found here. Especially for those who are attached to the Amazon ecosystem, can now benefit from the safety when messaging. Meanwhile know threema the same functions as on Whatsapp: voice messages, change the group members
  • Has nothing to do with Whatsapp!  

    Viber: Free Calls & Messages (App)
    Had this program confused, so garnet searched. Just looked at briefly and immediately erased. Can not use it. Does not emulate it with Whatsapp, even if it appears here in the search.
  • High quality material, well-made, perfect protection for the iPad  

    EasyAcc ultra slim Apple ipad mini 3 / iPad mini Retina Display / iPad Mini Case Leather Flip Case Smart Cover with wake up and stand function for iPad mini and iPad mini 2 / iPad Mini 3 (2014) - black, leatherette (Personal Computers)
    The shell comes in a transparent foil wrapped in amazon typical cardboard envelope. No frills, no board, no staples, but just the film. Nothing you anyway just discarded. Advantageously. First impression: The shell does not stink of cheap and probabl
  • The best thing for my iPhone and my iPad  

    Set of 3 ALCLEAR 950003i Ultra-microfibre cloths special display for iPhone, iPad and iPod, 19x14 cm, white (household goods)
    I had to remove in search of a towel around the screen of my Macbook fingerprints. Through the positive customer reviews I found this cloth. And it has exceeded my expectations. It removes fingerprints in no time, no fluff ... and particularly I find
  • From Ipad for android  

    Sony Xperia SGP611 Z3 Compact Tablet 20.3 cm (8 inch) WUXGA Triluminos display, 2.5GHz quad-core, 3GB of RAM, 8.1 megapixel camera, Android 4.4, 16GB of internal memory) black (Personal Computers)
    After 3 Ipads now for the first time an Android Tablet. I have my iPad mini recently sold to kaufem me the Sony Xperia Tablet Z3. The number of advantages over the Apple tablet was just too big. Therefore here is a small list of why I have but resort
  • iPad Level  

    Fintie Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 "SmartShell Case Cover Protective Carrying Case Case Case Ultra Slim Lightweight with auto sleep / wake function, Blue (Personal Computers)
    This is the 2nd envelope that I ordered for my Kindle Fire HDX 7, and I must say that I am really impressed. This product is similar to the cover of the Apple iPads - Good protection, noble appearance, all ports are accessible. On the materials used
  • Stream movies from HDD via DLNA on iPad  

    HooToo® portable wireless router repeater with USB flash memory reader, 6000mAh External Battery Pack for Smartphones and Tablets (Electronics)
    Top equipment, if you have since found out what it takes to make it work :-) To spare you this time, here is a brief guide: The HooToo Box HT TM-01, which includes the battery is shipped with outdated firmware. Thus no DLNA streaming is possible. So,
  • very slim, well-fitting, stylish protective case for the iPad Air, with still passable protection against shocks  

    iProtect TPU Gel Cover Apple iPad Air Cover X-Line Black (Electronics)
    Foreword :-) Attention! It looks very different reviews here. One can well imagine that it is because here different models and versions are reviewed. I have bought myself the TPU Gel X Line Case in black for the iPad Air, and this I find very good,
  • Best! iPad mini Retina ME814FD / A iOS 7.0.4  

    5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit SD (SDHC), TF, M2, MS, MMC for Apple iPad Air / 5 4 iPad Mini for Apple iPad 4 & iPad Mini - Transfer pictures and videos - for Apple iPad 4 Retina - iPad Mini - iPod Touch 5G - USB connection for card readers, cameras, or keyboard - iOS 7 suitable! (As MD822ZM / A and MD821ZM / A in a) (Electronics)
    Purchase EK-Mobile 01.27.2014 to 15,95 Due to other reviews I have set myself to the thing possibly wordlessly to get in the tub, but it does best !! Sony SDHC 16GB Class10 USB connection Samsung EX2F Unfortunately USB connection Sony HX50 is not, he
  • At irregular long delays (iPad)  

    Anker® Ultra Slim Wireless bluetooth mini keyboard (German) for smartphones and tablets - white
    A week later there are five stars and great! I let the 3 stars including criticism for the first disappointment but are, so others find their way here. Immediately after my first review ANCHOR has contacted me and offered a replacement unit without r