winnetou melodie mp3


  • Winnetou - Melodie 1  

    Winnetou - Melodie (MP3 Download)
    There's not much to say. Finally, the original soundtrack, not somehow replayed cheap, like so many film scores. A listening pleasure!
  • Winnetou Melodie 2  

    Winnetou - Melodie (MP3 Download)
    The melody is very beautiful. The selection process hinsichtlihc tune discovery I found nciht so clear and should have been better.
  • Beautiful reminder, played well  

    Winnetou-Melodien (Audio CD)
    The CD contains, in my opinion the most continuous ear Winnetou melodies. While it is not the original soundtrack that plays throughout the movie, but I think that this music sounds better. They can also play as a pleasant relaxation music. If, for e
  • Film music classics  

    The best of the original Karl May movie themes (Audio CD)
    Who does not - the unforgettable melodies of Martin Böttcher from the Karl May movies. In romantic titles like the "Old Shatterhand Melody" or "Winnetou-Melodie" memories come on to great movies. And if the harmonica sound, the living
  • Really good, melodically powerful and spherical Instrumental Rock  

    Satya (MP3 Download)
    On My Sleeping Karma I found by chance last through the transmission of their performance at the WDR Rockpalast weekend. The music and the appearance have me right very tied. Sonically, I found the music very spherical and catchy. It was a quiet, dee
  • A Star is Born Melodic Death Metal heaven!  

    When Legends Become Dust (Audio CD)
    Especially when thinking of having heard all the Melodic Death Metal, this band is so me nothing you along and makes a the (Death) Metal world completely upside down. Just so I am understood correctly, I hear Metal and Death Metal since 1980. Since a
  • A great mp3 player ...  

    Mobistel MT-350W Cynus E1 Smartphone (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) HVGA display, 3 megapixel camera, 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.2) White (Electronics)
    ... Yes, you read correctly, mp3 player. I will not write here about the great qualities as a phone, because I do not use the Cynus E1 as such. The use to me is the "Smart", and not the "phone" 5 stars because it offers me everyth
  • A (nearly) perfect mp3 player  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + MP3 player 2GB (FM tuner, microSD Slot) (Electronics)
    The most important innovation in Sansa Clip +, compared to the normal "clip", is probably clear the card slot for microSD cards. A limitation of the possible card size I could not refer to the manual, so you can now expand the tiny thus alm
  • Just the perfect audiobook mp3 player  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + MP3 player 2GB (FM tuner, microSD Slot) (Electronics)
    Hello, I (ü50er) have quite a few MP3 players to listen to audio books, "behind" me. Most had countless features that (in my opinion) really does not need the world. The "Sandisk Sansa" is limited to the essential features that yo
  • Stay away if you stand on melodic rock!  

    Judas Kiss (Audio CD)
    Kee Marcello is one of the best guitarists of his I say now times former genre "melodic rock". He played with a Europe of the brilliant album "Out of this world". Before he had the 80 he represented super with the band "Easy
  • Winnetou melody  

    Winnetou - Melodie (MP3 Download)
    Hello, I was in Croatia, in the valley where the films of Winnetou have been gedeht and wanted to Uralubsvideo the original music that I can hereby have found and highly recommend!
  • Suitable for the MP3 generation  

    Sonos Playbar: TV Soundbar and Wireless speaker for music streaming (wireless controllable with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Android), black (Electronics)
    A rating of speaker sounds is always highly subjective. Why is premised that I still with right stereos - grew up and still represent for me CDs a relatively new technology, though I now most of my music referring online - so amplifier, two column sp
  • good MP3 player  

    Samsung YP K3 JAB portable MP3 player 4GB with FM Tuner (Electronics)
    The Samsung YP K3 is a real alternative to the market-leading iPod. The integrated radio, you can also once let their music library alone and just let the presenters do their jobs. The dimensions are compact and fit in really almost any trouser or ja
  • No MP3 player in the true sense ...  

    Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player with integrated WiFi function 8GB (Electronics)
    When an iPod is true in my opinion, as with modern mobile phones: It has hundreds of functions, all of which for some already can in itself justify a purchase - and end up falling one another: Oh yes, you can make calls of course! The same with the I
  • MP3 Mover not mature.  

    MP3 Mover for Amazon Music (App)
    Since I've installed the MP3 Mover will find the files again not the Amazon Music app makes nothing but mistakes.
  • Why not Free Mp3? :-(  

    Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol.61 (Audio CD)
    The CD alone is great. No Doubt! But I miss the Autorip function in this CD. Next time I'll buy only the Mp3, finished. :-)
  • A good album The Very Best of Paul Anka MP3 Down Load  

    The Very Best of Paul Anka (MP3 Download)
    Who does not know Paul Anka! I came across by chance on this album. As I have alluded to it so I was immediately impressed. I downloaded the album in MP3 downloads. The album can be heard Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Summers Gone, Diana, Its Time To
  • The voices of the Melodic Rock in the City of Heroes  

    City of Heroes (LTD. Digipak + DVD) (Audio CD)
    You would think Mat Sinner would with numerous bands called PRIMAL FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE, level 12 and SINNER, and the mammoth project Rock Meets Classic with which he goes every year on tour, well utilized, but when he then under KISKE / SOMERVILLE br
  • Melodic Metal, perfectly sung!  

    City of Heroes (LTD. Digipak + DVD) (Audio CD)
    City Of Hereos is the second album that the singer Michael Kiske to sing and his colleague Amanda Somerville. As Helloween fan of the first hour, my expectations always increases when standing on a record cover of name Kiske. With Helloween City of H
  • Orchestral rock with catchy vocal melodies  

    City of Heroes (MP3 Download)
    Unlike the self-titled debut City of Heroes works much less rough and much more symphonic. While many of the songs of the first album still could pass as melodic metal, is converted here a lot more on the paths of symphonic metal á la Nightwish and h