wunderbaum new car review


  • Smells really for new cars  

    Chemical Guys New Car Scent new car smell Odor interior fragrance (Automotive)
    I would not like to mention any car brands, because each manufacturer has a unique new car smell! But since I use this spray, I can only confirm that my vehicle (mitlerweile almost 5 years old) smells after totally new car. It smells of new-absolutel
  • one created by heise.de / CARS Review  

    Garmin ecoRoute HD Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth, connecting the navigation system with the on-board system of the vehicle) (Electronics)
    Enclosed is a created by heise.de / CARS Review - I hope that this report AMAZON fairly as "objective" and unbiased / can apply review assistance and not censored: Thanks to Amazon for understanding: The OBD2 adapter Garmin ecoRoute HD in t
  • New scent for the new car  

    California Car Scents perfume box for the car (automotive)
    I bought due to the very positive reviews for my new vehicle this fragrance. Of course, a new car smell something per se but I prefer a fragrance that keeps long and not changed gradually. This fragrance smells really after chewing gum and has thus t
  • Not new car ...  

    Wunderbaum 171214 New Car, 3-Pack (Automotive)
    Since I know the new car smell very good, since my car is still quite new, but now after 6 weeks the odor is gone something I thought I'll buy son fragrant tree, at the gas station cost the dinger 1.60. Drawn Up, smelled off ... poof. If so then a ne
  • New car smell ... Not really!  

    Reimair New Car Smell Killer ambience professional air fresheners with new car scent 500 ml of Textile Equipment
    Item is okay. After spraying a pleasant fresh scent should be noted that it is but to be described as new car smell exaggerated a little.
  • New Car? Rather not ..  

    California Car Scents perfume box for the car. Fragrance: Newport New Car (new car)
    So a new car smells definitely not according to what they can bear. That what is offered here, smells more like essential oils, eucalyptus. It is not unpleasant, but for the car I think it's absolutely inappropriate. Therefore only 3 stars.
  • New Car?  

    California Car Scents perfume box for the car. Fragrance: Newport New Car (new car)
    mmh what can I say ... so new car smell IN ANY CASE anderst ... I got the dose taken fully on and made mal ne nose ... I thought that I got ne wrong dose ... that smells more by citrus (ambiguous DEFINE bar) times after 60tagen what I then buy ... we
  • Where is the new car smell  

    Audi 00A 096 307 020 Cockpit Care, 300 ml (Automotive)
    I've bought the spray to extend the new car smell of my vehicle. But this indefinable scent that does not stop the way long, has nothing in common with a new car smell.
  • Cockpit care good but the smell / new car smell is missing to 100%  

    Reimair New Car Cockpit care professional and Plastic care 500 ml with new car scent and moisturizing avocado oil
    I'm very disappointed with the product after I have read so much positive! Have already tried a lot to get back the new car smell, but also to no avail. The Cockpit care is really good because it frees the cockpit of contamination, but this is simila
  • More chemical smell as new cars  

    Reimair New Car Smell Killer ambience professional air fresheners with new car scent 500 ml of Textile Equipment
    I am disappointed've read many comments and also busy on the Internet myself. I wanted to renew the scent I had in my car 2008 =) a clean new car smell, that it ever returns to the freshness as he was, I knew. But nearly one should end up with this.
  • From because of "new car smell"  

    Reimair New Car Smell Killer ambience professional air fresheners with new car scent 500 ml of Textile Equipment
    New-car smell, the would probably all car lovers on loved ones preserved in a small spray bottle to enjoy again and again. And because the marketing of this company is not certain goofy, you have this product equal to it pressed smell of new cars. Th
  • Unfortunately, no new car smell and flies fast  

    Premium leather scent Reimair newCar noble leather note 100ml
    Bought at the new car smell to get my New Car Premium leather scent again. Unfortunately, I realized - it def. does not smell of new cars or new leather. Furthermore, the smell dissipates very quickly. Not really recommended.
  • New car smell differently  

    PEARL scent box for the car, new car scent
    New car smell can not call you that. Straightening a bit flowery and pleasant, but in no case for new cars. Would this sort do not buy again.
  • Super great product, reliable protection for our new car  

    Lyzzo backseat protection mat for dogs - Dog Car Seat Protection - (Misc.) Black
    When I got my new car, I received as a gift this protective mat. It is the ideal solution for my 2 big Golden Retriever. I was skeptical at first whether they would withstand the two "bullies". However, due to its solid processing, this mat prov
  • New car on older Darda highway  

    Darda 50361 - Pontiac light blue, 7.5 cm (toys)
    This vehicle is old Darda highway on our more than 25 years. Our grandson is as excited as his father more than 25 years ago. The crux of new cars are the parts of the bridge on the highway, which cars with mirrors total halt to (bridge railings are
  • New car smell !?  

    Organic Can car smell the fragrance box for cars - new cars New car smell
    The smell is OK, but does not run on new car smell. The fragrance is rather a bit flowery, direction Lemon Orange !!! Better than any perfume tree ;-)
  • Good smell, but "new car"?  

    Wunderbaum Freshener New Car (Automotive)
    So I ordered the product to my old Polo once again missing out on something and I smell very "real" on the stand new car smell, I did not hesitate. Have opened and stored in the door compartment the sapling. I must say that the scent really plea
  • Big sound in the new car  

    Club Sounds, Vol. 70 [Clean] (MP3 Download)
    After my new company car has a sound system, I have the same time charged me the right music. The sound is great, rich bass, top shots. Unfortunately, after about 15 titles (65) the makers run out of ideas. Initially still varied, there is always mon
  • My new car stereo  

    JVC KD-DB95BTE USB / CD Receiver with DAB Tuner, Front AUX and Bluetooth (Electronics)
    This is my second JVC Radio. After I had my other selling and thought never to need an accessory radio, however, I have noticed that fiddling with the MusicMan in beetles but gets on my nerves, so I took it back a car radio. I was happy with the old
  • New car, new relationships  

    Seat covers / seat covers / seat protection SuperSpeed ​​silver gray
    To accompany my new dark gray car. Very easy installation, with Velcro straps at the top of the seats (front and rear). Markings on the remuneration for the position facilitate the installation again. Very good quality, very good optics. 5/5 stars