• Good sound for MP3  

    JBL Flip II Portable Speaker Bluetooth 2.0 / Jack Matt Black (Electronics)
    Good mobile enclosure that still sends her to a small size like that. As stated elsewhere, few low compared to mid / high. But I think enough for this type of enclosure! And everything depends on the application you use with this device! I have yet t
  • Processed very noble and high quality  

    Gigaset SL400A High End Cordless phone (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) TFT color display, answering machine, USB port, Bluetooth) metal / black (Electronics)
    Hello everybody, after our old Siemens device after 8 years begins seemingly give up the ghost now needed a new phone. After some research and the evaluation of test results, we came to this unit. In Saturn gave us a sellers also pointed on its own i
  • High-end headphones on the go at a reasonable price  

    Ultimate Ears earphones triple.fi 10 blue (Electronics)
    Source: iPod 5th Gen (80GB) with a LOD (Line Out Dock) Qables cable connected to mobile headphone amplifier Corda Headsix of Meier Audio. All audio files in the Apple Lossless format. So much money for a small issue In Ear Headphones - that wants to
  • one of my highlights in 2014 ...  

    Sunlight (feat. Years and Years) [Radio Edit] (MP3 Download)
    For me, one of the hottest tracks from the field indie Dance / Nu Disco in recent years. Has The Magician first made a name as a remixer, he shall also recently increased its own production, which can be heard. Unfortunately, there is as yet no longe
  • A great album with room for improvement.  

    True (Audio CD)
    Dear Mr. Berg Ling! I am particularly since the release of their single "Levels" hear about it and since then also a big fan of their music. I often asked me when it was time to release an album and when I heard about the release of True, I thou
  • DAS is sound on the go  

    Sony MDR-1AB High Resolution headphones (40 mm high definition driver units) (Electronics)
    So I trouble myself now that I have the Sony I am for years when it comes to MP3 player with earphones and later issued with Innohrhörern habe.Erst warens several years earphones so the 15-25 Euro class in my section so 1-1 1 / hielten.Zuletzt two ye
  • Top packed sound machine in a cell phone  

    Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman phone Precious Black (Electronics)
    It currently is no cell phone with a comparable good MP3 player. With the so-called Walkman 2.0 in Sony Ericsson W850I is the competition at the time when it comes to MP3 players depends of the hammer. Since I recently occupationally caused longer di
  • In the style of Pipers ....  

    Music For The Kilted Generation (MP3 Download)
    However, the previously published albums I liked better. But is also worth listening to, especially when you consider the price here on Amazon.com for MP3 downloads. And at the live performances (they have seen in Leverkusen and heard) is no CD or DV
  • Kylie Minogue - The Loco -Motion  

    The Loco-motion (7 "Mix) (MP3 Download)
    Last heard on the radio and old memories were awake. Immediately, I've always like this title at Amazon.com on mp3 - buy players. Wasserratte
  • Why only this limited range?  

    Rayman Origins (Original Game Soundtrack) [Billy Martin Selection] (MP3 Download)
    Quite surprised I was when I saw that there is the "Rayman Origins" soundtrack but to "Amazon.com" as MP3 download. But the catch: It's only a choice of one of the composer. Billy Martin thus presents his selection of tracks, but what
  • Come on .... do like me: a compilation of all your favorite tunes with the choice .... Amazon MP3  

    On Broadway (MP3 Download)
    Great to find pieces that we liked ..... a rather recent past extra quality I listen to my buckles 60 and bought a few pieces MP3 format
  • Cinema comes home  

    Auna HF583 active 5.1 system speaker set with 70 Watt RMS (integr. FM radio, USB-SD input, remote control) (Electronics)
    In the more than a hundred DVD and Blu Ray (TM) discs on my shelves slumber sophisticated soundtracks. All the years brought me the precious little because the sound through the TV speakers had to squeeze. This works, but of a real experience can har
  • Who does not have excessive expectations comes here fully at its expense  

    Samsung S5610 mobile phone (6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display, 5 megapixel camera, 108 MB internal memory) metallic silver (Electronics)
    I have the S5610 now been in use for a month and I am completely satisfied with it. But from the beginning: I had previously a Nokia 3310classic (thus still a classic keypad the phone) and in between for just over a year, the LG GW620 (with Android 1
  • MP3 Player at the ear ...  

    Sony NWZWH505B 3-in-1 Walkman MP3 player, headphones and surround speakers 16GB (105dB / mW, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Included with the 3-in-1 Walkmans from Sony is one of the Walkman, a headphone cable, a USB cable and a Quick Start Guide. After unpacking I noticed once on the weight. The headset is a little heavier than normal headphones, but this does not have an
  • Unfortunately not so great, as the older MP3 players  

    Philips SA4VBE08KN / 12 GoGear Vibe MP4 player 8GB (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) color screen, Philips Songbird, Like Music) (Electronics)
    I find it very unfortunate that Phillips has made such extreme backsliding on his MP3 player and has a lot of good unfortunately abolished, what I would like to list below: The volume control on the side of the unit no longer exists. This makes the p
  • Grundig Mpaxx 940 MP3 Player 4GB turquoise  

    Grundig Mpaxx 940 MP3 Player 4GB turquoise (Electronics)
    after 1 month tested this MP3 Player, I'm very zufrieden.Mein first impression about this device is very positive !!! - The device is small, smart and easy to use - There is no sport to smaller, lighter and better players - The built-in battery lasts
  • The clock radio hands-free MP3 Player Speaker  

    EXPOWER (R) newest Two speakers 5w * 2 Bluetooth Luatsprecher with clock, alarm and FM radio capabilities for all Bluetooth devices (Black) (Electronics)
    The EXPOWER comes elegantly packaged, the matte packaging is decorated in white and red, indicating the model and on the side of the available color variants. I have to completely black. Even while unpacking the good impression continues. The elongat
  • Great device in a niche market - comparison of other floating MP3 Player  

    Sony NWZ-W273S wireless sports Walkman (4GB memory) (Electronics)
    Small spoilers for the impatient advance: For swimming I think this Sony's for the best player on the market. And now the long version. *** *** History I've been a few years in the business and am a long swim with the Finis SwiMP3 that one, combined
  • MP3 decoder deficient, WMA without problems  

    USB MP3 AUX SD CD changer adapter for MAZ1 OLD (Electronics)
    I could here simply reinkopieren my review for the Yatour device - the two are in fact identical. Even the packaging and the instructions are the same, only the name was replaced. A typical case of chinaware, which is sold under various labels. Accor