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  • Recession after 10 months  

    Silk'n Glide HPL hair remover (Personal Care)
    I bought the Silk'n Glide last year in April. In appearance, the processing and the contents of the pack here I discuss in more detail. In addition you can learn to better images, etc. The price I find not bad. Around 150 euros for a IPL / HPL device
  • Completion  

    House of Gold & Bones Part 2 (Audio CD)
    After less than six months comes with "House of Gold & Bones Part II" finally the second part of Stone Sour`s double work (total of 23 songs) out, which sounds a bit harder and more balanced than its predecessor, but still the same amount of
  • Super RGB LED Strip - MMN worth the money  

    Besdata 5m 500CM RGB 5050 300 SMD LED Strip Bar Strip Remote Control Power Supply 12V 6A 72W - Waterproof - Flashing to the beat of the music - PL709A_MC_EU (5050, music-RGB)
    Since I have long looked for indirect lighting and general LED next to a disco ball, a light organ and a strobe lighting have a lot of Party came to me just right. For about 21 I was able to purchase the strip with music control and am very happy wit
  • Known game in a beautiful presentation  

    Monopoly Nostalgia - The famous board game - in Tin (Toy)
    Apart from this game embodied in capitalism in its purest form is a beautiful presentation of this classic. Sooner or later everyone would certainly times rolling in money - or at least get the chance. In Monopoly goes ensure stress-free and easier t
  • Buonissima macchina!  

    Gastroback 42620 Design Espresso Advanced "Barista Edition" (household goods)
    After many years with fully automatic, where no one could prepare the Caffé so, how do you get him in Italy, should finally be an end to the frustration when you're back from Italy and the broth from the fully automatic to expect. Normally, it is the
  • All good things come in six or so  

    Set of 6 Keychain Skull
    As I stand on fancy things, I could not help but have my set of 6 taken over on the. But there is something to complain about. Positive - Excellent verabeitet - The skull does not stink Negative - The chain ends, the key ring and head combines are no
  • Rooted worth six stars  

    Odys Pro Q8 20.3 cm (8 inch) tablet PC (quad-core processor (4x1,3GHz), UMTS (3G), GPS / AGPS, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB HDD, Android 4.4.x, HD IPS display (1280 x 800), Bluetooth 4.0, OTA) black / aluminum (Personal Computers)
    I have the tablet now have two weeks and can say that it clearly provides for that price with the features and performance of each device similar big brand manufacturers to shame. A very important purchase criterion is 3G (mini-SIM card), only WLAN i
  • Good, but corny it comes to  

    The Order of Things (Audio CD)
    Lately ALL THAT REMAINS fell rather with nonsensical statements of their frontman Phil Labonte, as with high-quality albums. Since Overcome anyway was a break in the former pioneer of American metalcore scene. Instead of a second knallhartes The Fall
  • Something has never come across me  

    Assassin's Creed Unity - Special Edition - [PC] (computer game)
    First, the Season Pass: I have then worried the Season Pass for the game to me. Two days later a message online that the contents of each are available for free. As compensation, a free game is offered. You can choose between 6 games (AC: Blackflag,
  • "I concluded the series, and nothing but write this, tears come to my eyes."  

    Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel (Hardcover)
    Well ... Well this is it, finishing this book, I concluded the series, and nothing but write this, tears come to my eyes. How do you want me to get the idea that I left Rose, Lissa, Adrian, Dimitri, Christian, Sydney ... It's too hard. I will try to
  • The Holy Grail 1  

    Thor, Volume 1 (Paperback)
    Why in Civil War, the mega-crossover Marvel 2006, the player he saw Reed Richards and Tony Stark clone Thor disappeared from the world of the living? Why, early in its run in 2007, writer JM Straczynski he undertook to get him back from the dead (Tho
  • The Holy Grail? ... 1 1  

    Braun Series 5 shaver 5020s-5 (Health and Beauty)
    I came to pure electric shaving requires, with sensitive skin, the mechanical shaving was a real ordeal, and cost me "dear" (one blade Mach 3 Turbo made me just 2 shaves before going to skin me bright). And in my quest for the electric razor &qu
  • musically disappointing and Floor Jansen comes vocally hardly to bear ...  

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Audio CD)
    Although the expectations of the first Nightwish album with Floor Jansen was quite big disappointment of the result is the greater. Just Floor Jansen rarely shows her vocal potential, with many songs I have the impression that these are geared more t
  • CD Burned Children of SIX  

    Burned Children (Audio CD)
    Review: After the last successful album "Scars & Souvenirs" (2011) it was demanded by the fans really, the new CD. Now they will finally be after some delays starting from 25 July 2014 trading. It is already fifth album of SIX and it will ap
  • Rockig. Rocking. SIX.  

    Burned Children (Audio CD)
    On 7.25.2014 Six released their 5th album now Burned Children in own label 2 Warrior Music. 12 songs that seamlessly tie the two previous albums with honest lyrics from the life times rocky, sometimes calm This is the new album. Long we have gewarten
  • Dear SWAT 4 or Rainbow Six Raven Shield  

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lockdown (DVD-ROM) (computer game)
    Well according to allude the title occurred to me Blanke shock first impression Geile graphics. After 5 minutes, the second shock, damn stupid AI after 10 minutes the first boredom, just shoot no real mission objectives. After the second Mission game
  • That is what is meant by Action Rainbow Six Vegas 2  

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [Software Pyramide] (computer game)
    Rainbow Six Vegas two, in my opinion the best game of his Klasse.Anfangs thought I as a scrap, because I've played the first part on PSP. But when I've bought the game and it was played the first time I thought it was great. Story: First of all have
  • Rainbow Six on the right track  

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (computer game)
    We must not talk nicely. Anyone who has ever played Rainbow Six for the PC who knows that there is a lot of work on the drawing board, and even if the plan was good, it failed often still at the KI. I mean I do not expect in the near future so that s
  • Bye, bye, Rainbow Six !!! :-(  

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lockdown (DVD-ROM) (computer game)
    The Games of the Rainbow Six series have a long tradition. From the beginning, and any gaps I was there and had fought criminals and terrorists in all countries, even in the future. The games were living here by a high degree of realism and tactical
  • The magazine with six strings  

    Guitar [annual subscription] (magazine)
    There are many different magazines for musicians. They look different, with different focuses and employ many music journalists. The trade magazine Guitar for guitar and bass players, the audience promises monthly with the most interesting articles a