xiaomi pulse spo2 bracelet


  • super simple, 24-hour measurement works  

    Pulse Oximeter PULOX PO-250
    The clip has a simple one-button operation (short and long pressing a button). Pulse & SpO2 value are displayed fine, the display can be rotated 4 x 90 °, so that you can read the data from any position. 24-hour recording works fine, evaluation o
  • but well ... 979  

    Biosync oximeter with finger strap, storage pouch and instruction manual (not guaranteed French) (Others)
    a pulse oximeter works well and seems to be well calibrated. I put 4etoiles because it is slow to display results and often it happens to follow Pulse / SpO2 and makes reset's. it is the 2nd I order. With the first he had included batteries for it ..
  • Highly recommended baby monitor  

    Reer 9020 Protectioncube-digital baby monitor with bracelet (Baby Product)
    We have the Protectioncube now for a few months in operation. What was important to us when you buy, was the digital transmission. We had rented an analog 2-channel baby monitor. When we turned it was right to listen to channel 2 Kindergebrabbel from
  • Class pedometer - good features - small display  

    Garmin Fitness vívosmart bracelet with smartphone alerts, including heart rate chest strap (Electronics)
    The Garmin Vivo Smart I am absolutely satisfied after 4 weeks use. I think it's important that you previously studied the subject "Fitness bracelet" before you spend more than 100 euros for it. In many of the negative reviews I have a feeling th
  • A comparison to Smart Tape Sony and Miband of Xiaomi  

    Withings Pulse Ox Activity and Health Tracker (equipment)
    I already had a few fitness tracker here. The Smart Volume SWR10 Sony and Miband of Xiaomi. Due to it in my opinion lack of heart rate monitor and altimeter missing I have but decided against both. The Withings Pulse O2 (or, most recently, the Pulse
  • Good cardio bluetooth bracelet and ANT + standalone or connected to a phone or a counter  

    MIO Bracelet activity with heart rate monitor Fuse (Sport)
    I took that bracelet to show my heartbeat in Runtastic application (ANT +) on my phone Sony Xperia Pro in my sport (I can not put a chest belt). Although he works bluetooth 4.0, this is one of the few bracelets that also works with ANT + technology c
  • good for waking and practical - but to stiff bracelet  

    VibraLITE 8 Sports Vibration Wrist Watch with 8 alarms (Office supplies & stationery)
    From the perspective of a relatively safe awakening I have briefly tested: (+) 1. The VibraLITE 8 sports arouses the vibrating alert as well as the VibraLITE 3, significantly stronger and longer than the Casio RFT 100-2VER or Timex XL. The optics cou
  • Pulse okay, otherwise too imprecise  

    Unisex Heart Rate Monitor / Heart Rate RC 14.11 (equipment)
    I have the Sigma now more than a year in operation (20-30km / week jogging). + Heart rate monitor is going well and reliably and detect the pulse quickly + Does not need excessively battery + Software ok - Distance measurement is a disaster - Not to
  • Good pulse oximeter with PC-Evaluation  

    Pulse Oximeter PULOX PO-300 with color display and alarm, incl. Software for long-term recording
    According to information of a professional for altitude training and hypobaric therapy all pulse oximeters +/- are equally good. Therefore, and as several reviewers have already assessed in detail the PO-300, I only say that values ​​are plausible an
  • no pulse, have poor chest, but especially inaccurate :-(  

    Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch-with running and training functions (electronics)
    I'm actually a big fan of Garmin and previously had a Running Watch, which has held without mucking 4 years. The chest was great, wristbands so-so, but the clock was accurate and did what they should. When she departed this life, I bought this gem. P
  • Deduction for: signs of wear on the bracelet, random adjustment date, no manufacturer information  

    James Tyler men's wristwatch, automatic chronograph with calendar, JT700-3 (clock)
    Design and manufacturing: The JT clock falls visually mainly by their consistently stylish Coloring on. I have the version in blue (it exists also in several other colors). Both the high-quality looking leather strap, and the dial are both in a very
  • Great Fitness bracelet when because the software would only even half as good as the bracelet  

    Epson activity and heart rate tracker Pulsense PS-100 (equipment)
    After much to compare, I have decided for the Epson Pulsense 100. Since I do not have to look at my values ​​every 5 minutes, I found a bracelet without a display for me makes more sense, since it is naturally small and unobtrusive. The good side: Th
  • very good pulse oximeter - recommended  

    Pulse Oximeter PULOX PO-300 with color display and alarm, incl. Software for long-term recording (Personal Care)
    First of all, kudos to the shipping time. Although I had only ordered around noon, the postman was already the next day shortly after noon so just around the corner. I had now during the day made me familiar with the functions and fully charged the b
  • The bracelet !!!  

    Casio Collection Mens Watch Quartz Digital F-91W (clock)
    At the fantastic clock (I now have the 3rd in my life) has already written everything. It offers basically everything you'd expect from a (digital) clock: weekday, date, time (24). The rest is luxury. For many years I collect also G-Shock watches, in
  • 5 stars for a better Bracelet  

    Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (bright stainless steel case with gray leather strap) (Accessories)
    Have 360 ​​ordered by very much back and forth think about the Moto. It had to be a round SmartWatch for me and since there would be only the G Watch R, which however still subject to much the Moto in the design aspect, am a fan of minimalist at this
  • An ideal combination of GPS running computer (+ pulse) u. Trendy clock  

    Garmin GPS Running Watch Forerunner 110 -. GPS training computer including chest strap (Electronics)
    Against a 3-month trip to Africa I was looking for a lightweight GPS sports watch for s running training, but I could use it as unobtrusive clock with alarm beyond. The following Garmin devices in my household secreted same: * Forerunner 305: great r
  • Elegant Fashion Jewelry Bracelet, which acts like the real thing  

    IFEEL Stainless Steel Rhinestone Full Solid snake chain bracelet for women and girls (jewelry)
    The bracelet in silver optics are available in 2 versions, one with colored stones in lilac, white and blue and even with uniform white stones. I have the latter version. The strap comes in a white gift box. It is only about 20 cm relatively short an
  • The bracelet of the actual time  

    Pandora Women's Bead Sterling Silver 925 79416 (jewelry)
    ... It used to be strummed on many a wrist - the charm bracelets were not thinking away from the hands of young girls. So it was a matter of time until these gems are new and newly defined shape. And now they are back again. Several jewelry manufactu
  • great but not quite right, hard to find anything for narrow arms, alternative bracelets or assembled  

    Citizen Men's Watch XL Promaster Sea Eco-Drive Diver Stainless Steel Analog BN0100-51E (clock)
    Once again, is quoted in the Citizen BN0100 the design of the Submariner. The result, a diver's watch ISO 6425 is not so bad. The BN0100 is minor exceptions (see below), processed and used to clean is therefore very valuable. The housing is oberseits
  • Bracelet in harsh conditions  

    GoPro Accessories bracelet housing, 3661-068 (Electronics)
    Last week was a visit to the amusement park. Coaster, water rides and anything else that goes with it. Since my DSLR for something is too good have the GoPro with. Only question was how to hold the camera steadily on the roller coasters or fix. Headb