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  • Plays reliably almost everything on what you reinschiebt (except Blu-Ray) and burn to CD. Optically perfect for Apple devices  

    Patuoxun® Slim-Slot USB External CD drive for Apple MacBook Air Pro (Supports Mac OS system under 10.6) (Electronics)
    I've been looking for a favorable external player + burner and am totally satisfied with this. Whether Windows or Mac with USB drive plays DVD's from any kind on CD's up to software and games on CD or DVD everything you pushing him to read in. I have
  • Day 1: Very good impression  

    Lenovo Flex 2-15 39.6 cm (15.6-inch FHD IPS) Convertible Notebook (Intel Core i3-4010U, 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 4400, Touchscreen, Win 8.1) black (Personal Computers)
    I received the notebook only this morning, but here's what I can say: My old Acer had for 7 years good services finally be redeemed. It had just suffered, and I with. I like computers, in that they make life easier just immensely, but I am not that p
  • CVB purchase Logitec Harmony One  

    Logitech Harmony One Remote Control Touch Screen Colors Ergonomic Sculpted keys and backlit (Accessory)
    This high quality camera and extra design allowed me to dispense with 6 remotes I specify that I was a complete novice before its programming; by arming themselves with patience and not hesitating to test the functionality (+ activities associated su
  • Effective in my case.  

    Hama Cleaning Disc "De Luxe" DVD Player 00048215 (Accessory)
    I have a DVD player / burner harder salon disc that works perfectly but for some "old" DVD, it does not read them directly, it often takes me to clean the DVD. After passing the cleaning disc, I do not have this problem. All dvds are read first
  • IDE and not SATA  

    VicTsing player / CD / USB External DVD Compatible Apple MacBook Pro / Air / Mac mini
    This is not a SATA but an old player / burner UJ-825 IDE. Contrary to the description can not write the DVD DL and only reads + R DL. So it's a USB to IDE enclosure.
  • A Langweiler  

    Samsung SE-218CN / RSSS Ultra slimline external DVD 8x burner silver (Accessories)
    The little DVD player / Burner runs with me at the Apple Macbook Air. Unfortunately, you have to be very careful that he does not fall asleep at work. Copy music to your Mac: 3.9fache speed is ridiculous. It takes like hours. That being said, you can
  • Software for BD is missing!  

    Asus SBC-06D2X-U External Slim Blu-Ray BDXL Combo (6x BD-R Read, 8x DVD ± R, 6x DVD ± R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, USB 2.0) incl. CyberLink Power2Go, glossy black (Accessories)
    My reasoning was, an external BD player / burner and go to work, possibly to friends still bring to the cozy, not the BD-payer have ... unfortunately I have probably misled a little because of Amazon this product at the same time with "Verbatim BD-R
  • DVB-T reception, even at more than 120 things ...  

    Active Car DVB-T TV antenna with 20dB amplifier 12V
    One should not say too loud, but I bought the DVB-T antenna to my mobile Xoro DVD / DVB-T player to operate it. (And the whole then in the car) I bought the 12 volt version for the car, but I think there is still a 5V variant for direct feed via TV s
  • great product 458  

    Samsung SE-506AB / TSBD Blu-ray external USB 2.0 Black (Accessory)
    This is a small player-burner blu-ray (and the rest: who can do more can do less) that is both practical (one USB 2.0 connection for food and the video and audio connection), small and silent. The only complaints to him, the disc tray is closed can b
  • Not all is well recognized:  

    Nero 2015 Classic (CD-ROM)
    I also have reason to buy my BR Player / Burner full use of Nero. On the packaging the blue BR logo catches the eye - so I'm assuming that Blueray function is integrated: my mistake. But if you want to play a BR, the Note is a paid upgrade to Nero Pl
  • SSD as a system drive  

    Ocz OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G 60GB internal hard drive (6.3cm / 2.5 inch, SATA) (Personal Computers)
    First of all thanks to Amazon for the usual fast delivery. But now to the actual product. The SSD from OCZ has a form factor of 2.5 inches. An adapter plate to 3.5 inches but is included. The assembly and the installation is very simple as. There nee
  • Burning / playing on DVD Player  

    Intenso DVD-R blanks 4,7GB 1x-16x 25er Spindel Cakebox scratchproof (Accessories)
    From my full points. My HP burner has so far burned everything. So far, each blank was fired. My Philips DVD - Player plays the self-made films or photo shows without jerking and errors from !!! From me strong buy recommendation!
  • DVD player / CD burner  

    VicTsing player / CD / USB External DVD Compatible Apple MacBook Pro / Air / Mac mini
    We are very satisfied with our purchase, at a very good price. the item is of good quality. It works well and we'll order another because it is consistent with our mac I and our Mac book air! Received on time as promised. It lacks a little notice, bu
  • CD player / CD burner and DVD  

    Asus SDRW-08D2S-U LITE / A External DVD Burner USB 2.0 compatible Windows 8 Black (Personal Computers)
    Good product quality Pretty disign Practice Beautiful color Pay attention to the sliding drawer that can easily be damaged during handling discs
  • Problems with self-burned DVDs, no AAC audio codec (in MP4 / AVI), pseudo SCART  

    Philips DVP2850 / 12 DVD player (USB 2.0 DivX Ultra; SCART; 270 mm wide) (Electronics)
    I have the DVP2850 concerned to replace a defective TEVION device ("omnivores"). Selection criteria were: - SCART connection (unfortunately needed because operated on an older second TV) - The marketing specified in the product description:
  • DVD Player Special Class  

    Sony DVP-SR760HB DVD player (HDMI, 1080p upscaling, USB input) (Electronics)
    I've always been using Philips player, because I also have a Philips Flat Panel Display I can not understand the bad reviews my pros reviewers. Whoever criticizes the absence of a Scart connection in the age of smartphones and 3D TVs, would previousl
  • Very compact and quieter than many DVD player for the fitting ...  

    Transcend TS8XDVDS-K external slim DVD 8x burner (CD-R / RW, DVD ± R (DL ±, ± RW, -RAM, 13.9mm height)) Black (Personal Computers)
    ... A great device that of my three Compis (Acer PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Server and homemade Lenovo ThinkServer Book with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit) is recognized immediately. With Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013, and Nero Burning ROM 2013 and to
  • Solider DVD player with VGA output at a reasonable price  

    HSD 202 Multi Region DVD Player Black (Electronics)
    *** AIM OF PURCHASE *** Replacing an existing - some elderly - hi-fi CD player by a multimedia device with CD, MP3 and DVD functionality. The DVD / JPEG image is to be output on a PC monitor, as no TV is available. DivX functionality is not required.
  • Good DVD & music player, with a penchant for over-budgeting  

    DBPOWER® 7.5 "Portable DVD Player with rotatable display, support SD card and USB, DirectPlay in the formats MP4 / AVI / RMVB / MP3 / JPEG_758, Red (Electronics)
    Video at Amazon.com Please note: DBPower DVD player is offered in different colors and different sizes. Technically, the devices are identical and differ only in appearance and screen size (7.5 or 9.5 inches). The extent to which it is currently stil
  • Identical ------ Akai AD70H DVD player ++++ MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD player  

    MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD Player (USB, AC3, HDMI, MPEG4, OSD, PAL, NTSC, Xvid) (Electronics)
    Akai AD70H DVD player + MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD player Identical ... Was initially not noticed: had ordered me two DVD players, both came on the same day and was amazed: both players are identical, probably from the same factory Manufacture