xsra goggles


  • very good & stylish goggle  

    Oakley Goggles Splice Men, lightning green w / blue iridium, 57-885 (equipment)
    I am very pleased with the Goggle Splice Oakley with the glass w / blue iridium. Delivery was fast in their original packaging. - The Goggle fits as well as under the helmet - In good / light, as well as bad / dark vision portable, possible if this a
  • SafeLightPro light goggles for HPL / IPL hair removal  

    SafeLightPro light goggles for HPL / IPL hair removal
    Unfortunately, these light goggles is not completely on, can not all keep brightness of the eyes, for this reason. The function is similar to a welding helpers glasses, but not quite as safe as they could be a bit better design. (My conclusion: To vi
  • Great light goggles  

    SafeLightPro light goggles for HPL / IPL hair removal
    Have I bought these glasses because I have long been looking for a protection against the bright light pulses of my hair removal device and had already tried some glasses disappointing. After the first use I can tell that it's a great spectacle to th
  • Good goggles with UV protection  

    Dräger Goggles X-pect 8330 anti-scratch and anti-fog; Disc: polycarbonate; UV protection: 99.9%
    How fast a piece of wood, metal or any other kind of splinter can get into the eye, really should be clear and before anything happens. Therefore, many activities that occur in and around the house so here is a good safety goggles mandatory. Products
  • Recommended. A good safety goggles should be in every toolbox.  

    Dräger Goggles X-pect 8330 anti-scratch and anti-fog; Disc: polycarbonate; UV protection: 99.9%
    Where slight rise recommended for all "normal" work-to-medium sparks, chippings, chips and dust. Even when gardening (eg. When cutting branches) not a bad idea. Very lightweight, rugged protective glasses that can be set individually in len
  • Solid work goggles  

    Dräger Goggles X-pect 8330 anti-scratch and anti-fog; Disc: polycarbonate; UV protection: 99.9%
    The Dräger X-pect 8330 goggles is made of plastic, or polycarbonate, anti-scratch and anti-fog and provides UV protection. Who is wearing glasses, the glasses is not really suitable, unless you climb onto contact lenses to. For eyeglass wearers, ther
  • Good VR goggles at a low price :)  

    eimolife® VIRTUAL REALITY cardboard TOOLKIT SMARTPHONE virtual reality-VIEWER Color Cross Google cardboard plastic Universal Version 3D VR Complete Kit Virtual Reality goggles headsets for true HD 3D experience (Oculus Rift) (VR I) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Good VR goggles at a low price :) I am short-sighted and without glasses can the VR experience quite sharp experience (thanks to the adjustable lenses) the only negative thing I have to complain about, those were the openings of headphone jack and ch
  • Top Swimming Goggles  

    Aqua Sphere kids swim goggles (equipment)
    For my 5 year old nephew, I wanted to get a swimming and diving goggles for the swimming pool. Important here was me, the glasses - Should be no water in the glasses - They should not be so firmly into the eye area - Be easy to set up and easy to rem
  • Well suited for swimming goggles  

    Antifog spray antifog (equipment)
    Have the spray, as described in the Antleitung, sprayed a few minutes waiting and then rinsed off the remnants and allow to dry. Two swimming courses (40 minutes each) was not fog the goggles. How long that keeps still, of course, I can not say. Firs
  • Almost perfect ski goggles  

    Speeron sport sunglasses with headband and 3 AC-Glsern (equipment)
    Property me these glasses ordered because my actual ski goggles is just way too big for my small head and in bad weather and too dark .. The spectacle has convinced me through their design, interchangeable lenses and the good price. The delivery was
  • Nose friendly swimming goggles  

    Beco goggles "Training" formerly pro - Professional swimming goggles with anti-fog and 100% UV protection (Misc.)
    I am passionate active swimmers and have already tried a number of swimming goggles of different vendors. I keep going back to the "Swimming Goggles Professional" Beco, because they still have maximum flexibility for large head circumferences an
  • Goggles in laboratory  

    3M SOLUS goggles Solus0SO, AS / UV, PC, clear frame black / orange (tool)
    The glasses are designed to protect against hot water, shattering glass, as well as acids and alkalis. They performed their duties appropriately. It fits perfectly and you go with a clear conscience to the chemicals, without having to constantly worr
  • Aqua Sphere Swim Goggles Blue Sphere Seal Kids  

    Aqua Sphere Junior / Child Seal goggles (Sports)
    I waited one year to make this review as there were other already, especially to see if compared to other leading brands such as Speedo, they would take the blow on the long term. Well to my surprise many with 2 energetic boys and weekly school swimm
  • Great small goggles  

    Cressi Fox Goggles Medium (Sports)
    For Reviews some of us-have That May heads smaller than usual for an adult thesis goggles are nice. They do not just work for kids. Em I found to be very comfortable.
  • imho the best protective goggles  

    Bolle Safety Mask Pilot (Tools & Accessories)
    I am wearing glasses and wearing Normally-have trouble with MOST of the goggles on top of my glasses. Well - not with this model! This model is simply fantastic. Recommend Without Any Doubts.
  • Super swimming goggles  

    Arena Cobra Mirror swimming goggle (Sport)
    Good visibility, good performance, anti fog holds up well short, these goggles deserve a good interest, the cons is their price of course but if you see their quality, we are in the norm
  • Very good swimming goggles. 1  

    Speedo Futura Biofuse 8012323518 - Swimming goggles (Sports)
    Very good swimming goggles. Quick and precise adjustment, and blue lenses is significant in indoor pool. I recommend!
  • Excellent swimming goggles  

    Aqua Sphere Swim Goggles Kayenne (Sport)
    very good glasses, waterproof, easily adjustable and comfortable to wear, I recommend these great swimming goggles Product
  • Finally good swimming goggles  

    Arena Zoom X-fit / 92404 Swimming Goggles Black (Sports)
    My wife brought me whenever swimming goggles that did not fit me. Either it broke after a few uses or so has bothered me at my nose. The, we see that this is a different range and for a price defying any competition. Excellent
  • The best swimming goggles  

    Speedsocket Mirror Speedo Swimming goggles (Sports Apparel)
    After testing several models of competing brands but also to Speedo, the Speedsocket are for me the best swimming goggles. Perfectly waterproof, they adapt well to the wearer's face and glasses are provided with an effective anti-fog treatment. Very