"Knight and Day": As a "Mission: Impossible" on Ecstacy ....

"Knight and Day": As a "Mission: Impossible" on Ecstacy ....

Knight and Day (Audio CD)

Customer Review

The with the top stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (the in 2001 canvas technically met in Cameron Crowe's "Vanilla Sky") appointed or rather refined Action Agent Love comedy "Knight and Day" just makes animal and hellishly fun - and such acts as a "MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE" to Ecstacy:
Even more incredible (yes, that is possible!), More action and partly incredible stunts and especially melee choreography (which were performed by Tom for the most part themselves!) !!!!
And the whole development of the story is just diagonally haywire and is beautiful "serious" rübergebracht, so that the viewer can only shake their heads in amusement (which in many but not all arrived) !!!!
Locker Light and crazy Hollywood fare with level from "Cop Land" director James Mangold: the very finest material which - in my opinion - can make quite addictive !!!!

John Powell (including "Face / Off", the "Bourne" trilogy starring Matt Damon) was allowed to perpetuate here musically - and he did once again with flying colors!

His score underlines the romantic touch of the strip with stunning orchestral deposits, while the hearty and heart-racing action that occurs in abundance, "accompanied" with really cool rhythm-driven tracks is: As if not enough adrenaline is discharged - the music is still a decent boost on top!

Although Powell does not quite reach the class of "Bourne" or even "Hancock" (see my related review), but the result is impeccable and can be heard wonderful, even if you respect the Eingänglichkeit due to scene-related style and rhythm changes some deductions in should take buying ....
And the good man remains true to his style: a wonderful mix of a full orchestra, a regular rhythm section, ennobled by many solos (here in "Knight and Day" are there wonderful acoustic guitar sounds) ....
And to match the film, there is a musical nod as a kind of bonus to ....

A wonderful action score of how the film does not take itself too seriously (even if it appears - as I said, many people have not quite figured ....) and can be heard again and again ....

"Knight and Day" by John Powell:
A real recommendation !!!!

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