L Angle: lack of fit, Canon EOS 5D Mark III sits tilted

L Angle: lack of fit, Canon EOS 5D Mark III sits tilted

Neewer L-plate holder QR Quick Release System (Electronics)

Customer Review

The L-angle with overprint "F5D3L" corresponds to the product photos. Unfortunately, he does not fit well enough to the Canon EOS 5D III. Specifically, it can indeed be attached to the camera, but the lower surface is located on the camera bottom is not flat / flush with, but the camera is sitting with about air gap forwardly downward at an angle. The reason for this is a "relative trifle", but unfortunately did not resolve the user: the longitudinal bore for the 1/4 "mounting screw is approximately 0.5 to 1 mm too far behind the 5D III is thus back a bit too much on the twist. -edge the lower plate of the L-angle and sits at an angle. Does the spirit and purpose of an L-angle fully counter and is not acceptable.
Apart from the L-angle fits "per se" good for 5D III - also access to the port side openings concerns - and the execution / processing / user interface is very good, clean and solid.

Whether the problem is only the supplied copy or a "serial defects" is, I do not know. I returned it and tested no more copy.

Quite nice - but a bit short Rank: 3/5
February 26
Blue! Hell! After 6 months yet Rank: 5/5
April 15
Awesome 7 128 6 1551 Rank: 5/5
December 3
useful 216 Rank: 3/5
September 19

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