Leslie Nielson, you either love him or hate him

Leslie Nielson, you either love him or hate him

The Naked Gun (Amazon Instant Video)

Customer Review

My favorite movie. Countless times I've seen this movie. Now I have gekaift Amazon Prime. Negative, I find there but the film can not for that you can not buy on the iPhone App the film, as I usually streame via Air Play.
Well, did the movie then purchased through the PS 4 and also looked over. Qualiät very good, nothing to complain about.

The movie itself is just great, but certainly do not see that all. Those who can not laugh at movies like Scary Movie or Hot Shots, should not watch this film. For everyone else, a must!

Prima products Rank: 5/5
April 14
80 out of 100 points! Rank: 4/5
December 18
Latest version for PSP Rank: 4/5
January 9
album Kendji Rank: 5/5
September 27

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