LG 42LB650V (WebOS Smart TV Review) - Why not the same so ?!

LG 42LB650V (WebOS Smart TV Review) - Why not the same so ?!

LG 42LB650V 106 cm (42 inches) Cinema 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 500Hz MCI, DVB-T / C / S, CI +, wireless LAN, Smart TV) Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

1. Specifications / Foreword

I have a model with 42 as my living room is not so large, and therefore the distance to the TV is, depending on the seating position only 2-3m. A larger model would the appearance of the room to very dominate, digital cable TV does not see more good, I could no longer meet the entire TV in sight have (1st row cinema effect) and last but not least it was to me the 200 charge for 47 model just not worth it. But that's just my personal opinion.

The TV has pretty much everything you can imagine. Really very impressive, especially in this price range.

He has:

DVB-C / T / T2 / S / S2 / analogue tuner,

MCI 500Hz (100Hz in real terms), passive 3D,
Wi-Fi (also 5GHz band)
3x USB 2.0,
3x HDMI 1.4,
1x SCART, 1x component, headphone output, digital audio output, Full HD, Energieeffizenzklasse A + (I was also very important that it is economical)
is Magic Remote Ready (a remote control similar to the Wii controller in a small pointer appear to click)
and of course the new WebOS Smart TV platform

These were the most important data.

2. Package Contents

The TV, power cord, a kind of cable ties to restrain to the clutter, 2x Polarizer 3D glasses and standard remote control with 2x batteries (AAA), NFC tag, warranty card, manual, quick start guide, metal stand, plastic bracket, screws for wall mounting and deck mounted

3. Structure

The construction at state assembly is quick and easy. First, the plastic bracket with 4 screws screws on the metal base, then both back with another 4 screws on the TV screws finished!

4. Optics

The TV comes in a silver-gray metallic look. The frame is thin but not frameless, which then has only the higher model, the LB670V.

Nevertheless, an improvement compared to my old TV (LG Smart TV 2010 Not the really thick edges had) affects the viewing experience positively.

The LB650V looks really classy. The frame, back and base are made of real metal (feels cold to the touch) which speaks for quality and stability. I would not have expected for the price, thought at first it would just painted plastic.

The build quality is excellent. Minimal gaps, no abnormalities.

I also find that is less noticeable by the metallic look of the TV in the living room and better disappear than with black borders would be the case. My wife is completely disagree, but nunja

5. Operation

After the quick and easy means through which a drawn cartoon bird leads, it is then also going on already. Do not worry: The bird is not overdone cheesy and also appears on only during initial setup.

One thing first: WebOS on the LG is really great!

Now for the details: Pressing the smart button or My Apps button on the FB opens instantly at the bottom of a TV bar with lots of color icons and labels. The TV image remains visible dims only slightly. This is the Launcher.

From it all inputs, apps, browser, SmartShare (DLNA), Screen Share (Miracast), own recordings, the program guide, the manual, etc. can be displayed.

The Launcher can be accessed from anywhere in the way, and no matter what is shown, it remains in the background clearly visible and does not disappear in a tiny window or even completely.
By pressing the directional pad on the FB is navigated. The arrangement of symbols and the label and accompanying images for the external inputs can be moved in the order.

By pressing the left to get to previously called functions, the past and can quickly switch back to what you had before. Pushing to the right in the future, so more functions that had not yet been started. Approximately in the middle of the present, so that what you are doing, for example, is the current TV picture.
Actually, everything logical and sensible set up.

Preinstalled apps to is: Max cathedrals, Watch Ever, Youtube (by linking the Android smartphones with the Youtube app of the TV receives the app Chromecast functionality!), Zatoo, Tagesschau, Amazon Instant Video, browser.

The LG Store for other apps is not yet open, presumably because the devices are still very new and hardly available. But the rumored LG Store is scheduled to open at least in England from May 13.

Once the store is open, I will complete my review.

I must say that I had previously not borne off any Smart TV but had'm very enthusiastic about technology and know my way around. I previously had a 32 LG 2010 and experience with a 2011 LG SmartTV. Compared to the 2011 Smart TV and my current TV are worlds apart.

Both in the optical system, construction, speed and the whole feeling when using.

The 2011 Smart TV is slow, confusing, cluttered short it's not fun and it is quickly annoyed.

Quite different the LB650V. Here, the operation goes ahead much more fluid and sophisticated. It's almost fun to discover all the SmartTV functions and use.

The words fun and SmartTV you hear otherwise rare in one sentence, but here it's really like that.

The system is innovative and really good. Everything runs (almost always) liquid and switching between inputs, apps, etc. is quickly.
I wonder now, why that has come before and not much earlier.

There is in my opinion no better, more elaborate SmartTV platform as WebOS.

The normal setting menu appears on the FB through the Settings button and set up is also quite good.

Without exception, every app and feature I've tried has worked very well. Amazon Instant Video looks with HD movies very well, YouTube also.

Miracast with my Sony Xperia Z1 works very well everything is 1: 1 mirrored the smartphone to the TV, including sound.

The 3D feature is also good. The picture is bright, clear, no ghosting or similar. The effects are very good.
For me as a crazy 3D (Optimus 3D than 2 cell phone + Fuji W3 3D camera) a blessing!

The TV plays a lot of media on the USB stick, HDD or via WLAN. Blu Ray in full quality of HD? No Problem! Music, videos, photos from your smartphone via DLNA? Also no problem, and so on.

The quality of the built-in TV speakers is also good. But the boxes are so small, they are quite strong, sound good, are noisy when needed and do not distort.

6. Picture Quality

The image quality in digital TV is, depending on the sender between acceptable to good (located on the resolution and compression of the channels, not on TV).

In HD very well.

With Blu Ray outstanding, 3D as well.

I have found no streaking, halos, halos, Dirty Screen effect, banding or the like.

However, I am also not gone to scan with the magnifying glass in hand every millimeter to hopefully finally be able to find a bug as make some seemingly happy.
Anyone who does that will not and can never be satisfied that only in passing.

For me it is important that during normal operation disturbs nothing and that's the case. I did it with various transmitters and sources tested (Digital TV, HD, Blu Ray, Wii console, Miracast the smartphone, disk, etc.)

The black level is also good. Black is black enough.
Clear, plasma can do better, however, need a lot more power and die among others exactly why straight
White is white and the color reproduction is very good.

All image enhancements I have issued, as I do not like something and it does more damage than it helps. I can not say how it would be enabled with these functions therefore.

7. Conclusion

I highly recommend this TV all indecisive and his WebOS operating system.

For me WebOS since I was in January this year for the first time heard about the reason to buy absolutely! That along with 3D was crucial for me.

I deliberately bought a older model of LG in the year 2013 (although that are cheaper or more for the same price), since these are invariably still use the old system and also get an update. The appearance of them is really the Stone Age and the charge for 2014er System worth.

Probably I forget one or the other function or detail to mention, but that can happen with so many features.

If me what should occur, I will add it.

For questions using the comment feature I'll try to answer.

I know the feeling all too well, when a new product came out and there are no or very few reviews and no one wants to buy a pig in a poke. That is why my review as a guide and insight into this model.


MKV, AVI, Xvid, AC3, DTS, MPO, m2ts (Original Blu Ray), he plays on USB. So far he has played everything I had set before him so.

Since 16.5. Is there an update: operation even faster, liquid, LG Store open, pointer responds more precisely, new options in the Live menu "Recommended", "Search" button.

Update 2 (10.6)

The sound is good for my needs, loud enough, not distorted, not thin or tinny.

Dual Play on the Wii with Mario Kart is awesome! Sure, it seems by some the other picture, but the advantage of having the whole picture prevails for me.

Optimum picture and sound settings, I have not found so far, am not an expert, but I recommend the backlight to make 80-90. Otherwise too light, below 80 a gray haze comes however slowly into the picture.

The PC program "Chansort" can now also process the channel lists of the 2014er models.

I've noticed no clouding or banding.

The TV is me become almost too small. Would have preferred to take the 47 ".

My best tip to all buyers: If you think you have found the perfect size, then I strongly advise to the next larger size.

A few days later you can thank me :-)

Update 28/01/2015: Still not determine Clouding or banding. Netflix also runs perfectly and looks in HD very well, especially if you it is streamed from the internet considering. The app can be started quickly and use, the switching between apps quickly.

Amazon Instant Video in HD is also good, Watch Ever in "HD" on the other hand was not so great, in general, the image quality was there a lot worse than in the other two providers, even when compared to films in SD format. Is one reason why I quit there.

One thing bothers me but very !: There is still no 2nd TV !! And it will probably get even never. That's very unfortunate and really hard that was advertised and then it does not. Since LG has nicely executed buyers astray !!

It would also be great to know what to LG official said. Last year in summer I had asked for the support times, and it was the 2nd TV is coming, you just did not know when. To date, however, it is not published!

VERY WELL 1 3042 Rank: 5/5
April 28
Too large shell 1 Rank: 2/5
November 17
469 Middle Rank: 3/5
February 2

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