Live Aid and the consequences

Live Aid and the consequences

A Kind of Magic (2011 Remastered) Deluxe Version - 2 CD (Audio CD)

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After a bit too short geratenen and also somewhat weaker inspired "The Works" album Queen had indeed the
legendary performance at Live Aid 1985th
According to statements of the band this experience had a revitalizing effect on the band, which indeed in its time
stood as an active rock band truly under constant stress had ...
What I found very clever and find the conception of this work in relation to the film "Highlander".
On the one hand it offers the shots of the film, on the other hand it is not a pure "soundtrack album." In this respect, they had beaten here in a very clever way 2 birds with one stone ...
Among the songs that are mostly become historic milestones, though, oddly enough, the album never
my "Top 5" has counted .... But that means nothing at all, which is, at best, "whining at the highest level" ... The only Queen album where I would never write a criticism or expression is the
Soundtrack to "Flash Gordon". (Lali Lalu Lala ... Oink beep)

One vision was and is a terrific rock song, which is once again all the strengths of the band and especially the vocal talent of Freddie in scene. The video, at that time originated in the scenes at Musicland Studio / Munich is rapidly cut, witty and autentisch ...
"A Kind of Magic" is the second to none. A successful, self-contained catchy and probably rightly one of the biggest hits of Queen at all. However, I like the abridged single version, not so much. The video shows like no other, the Queen was a harmonious group, although composed of 4 individuals, but nevertheless occurred as a common whole. I could not look at me the video after Freddie's death, without running my tears ... That was so, I stand by, sometimes I'm still like that. And this will never change. The "death" of Queen has for me means the end the interest of more recent rock music basically. It would have been pointless to look for a "successor favorite band" look out, therefore Freddies has untimely death closed a chapter in my life. Kling was very theatrical, but ....
One can show emotions, where emotions are honest and what is music? Music is / are emotions.
"One year of love" on the other hand actually falls slightly, but offers a nice respite to the next catchy tune; "Fiends will be Friends", simple, emotional, poignant. "Who wants to live forever" is a somewhat
uncanny premonition that time certainly did not mean it, but in hindsight the title has a fateful significance. The song is a hymn, awesome the video, one of the most poignant Queen songs ever. "Gimme the prize," Well, what can I say? Fits well in the Highlander movie, otherwise for me
rather the weakest song of the plate ... But "weak Queen songs" are the desire of many successes Hupfdohlen that one should never forget .. The crash of completion of the album has "Princess of the Universe", a beautiful song, really fits the film and breathtaking choral singing, very precise intonation, as one that was just used by Queen - sigh.
The Remastered Edition 2011 provides the "Highlander" version of "A Kind of Magic", a variety of single versions and
a piano version of "Forever", also from the movie Highlander ... The Demo "A Kind of Vision" and the live version of "One Vision" round out the bonus tracks. Again my obligatory conclusion Jammer; where are the unreleased studio Babe, you promised us 20 years ago? If the long-awaited Queen box will only be published after my death I will really angry!
The sound of the album is gigantic. That sounded even then engaging, and dynamic and also the youngest Remix has this sound image at least not harmed. However, others may judge, I can only say, BUY BUY BUY BUY

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