Looks beautiful, but

Looks beautiful, but

LG 3D Blu-ray BH7540TW 5.1 home theater system (1200 Watt, Ultra HD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Bluetooth, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)

Customer Review

For the better:
Plant looks good, and is assembled quickly.
Rear speakers are wireless, and the connection is working properly.
The system can handle all types of Smart TV among other LOVEFiLM Amazon.
The BD player plays all formats that I've tested so far.
Network access (DNLA) are possible so you can upload files from external sources.
A controller using a smartphone / TAB is possible.
For negatives:
LG advertises a statement vonn 1200 watts. RMS will be hidden in the data sheet indicated.
RMS characterizes only the electric power capacity of a speaker and contains no statement of its sound power, see Wikipedia.
Chill the facility has a maximum of 50 watts, and if you want it a little louder, it's over quickly.
An influence on the sound can not take you. LG has set a few presets on the remote control, two of which are 5.1, the rest only applies to Stereo. Even the user preset is only in stereo. What has to seek to a home theater system, the secret of LG remains, because you can even its speaker "Calibrate" or specify the intervals. No treble, no bass, no loudness. No possibility of EQ. Even the 3D setting switches to 3.1. The sound is too heavy and the center heights are too sharp. The subwoofer plays as best suited to, and provides a good Punsh.
The system runs on an LG TV via ARC. That makes me what it wants. Time it's not time. Just like LG Simplink own, controlling multiple HDMI sources, both times going on, sometimes not.
As generally the software of LG devices seemingly more "alpha" as "beta" is.
LG calls the speaker material aramid fiber. All other call it Kevlar. Another marketing ploy.
The media player fails at most video formats and only plays MPG. If you have eg WMV or MOV get an error message. Even with many MP4 formats, the system refuses to work, so I had to join my Raspberry with XMBC again. This could not drive on your home theater system via HDMI, no image, and had to be connected to the TV. I was tired of testing, may be that it had worked even on your home theater system.
I wanted to replace my old plant consisting of plasma TV, receiver, BD player (each Panasonic), SAT receivers (Technisat) and my little devil system through a system. This is possible with the home theater system from LG. Unfortunately, I have to take a step backwards in the sound department. The remote number has also become no less, three pieces, all of which are also necessary to the LG to use components (2x TV, 1x system) because even the "universal remote control" at LG, even with their own devices, will only haltingly to not ,
But the system looks so nice, and for 500, - you can not probably expect.
Nichtsdesdotrotz I subtract 3 Punke because I bring the plant with their immature software repeatedly to anger.
Oh, all HDMI cables are 1.4, although no Oelbach, but not much worse. This is my living room sofa-conditioning. The real system (B & W, Yamaha, etc. Oppo) is the right living room. I think I know myself somewhat with HIFI, so that I may assess so.
Oh forgot. The system stools home as the LG Smart TV.
Read here:
Actually, one reason to give only one point of the system. I knew it but before buying.
No matter who it is that LG all kinds of data collected as "what I saw that picture I have called etc." should deal with its routers and block the pages.

Addendum after some time ...
LOVEFiLM is not working. Had I not previously tested, as there is always more than the TV from LG ran (LG 50PB690V). And why not? It is in English, and wants to sign on Amazon UK, and as the German account is not working. Bright Lights! Like all the other apps are in English, and work therefore limited. After also the LG TV bugged, who has since only devised the menu, I have my Technisat receiver again clamped. This also has HDMI Link and kept my Panasonic plasma and Panasonic amplifier on and off. Not as LG. If you switch the receiver to start even the television. But not the system. If you switch to this, these reports free snout times ARC or Toslink. No Picture. Turn it on to HDMI, I have a purple screen. So all out again, and in the "correct" order again. Amplifiers, televisions, receivers. But then does no automatic volume adjustment via Remote Receiver (always went with the Panasonic) If you make the Technisat out after the purple image, the amplifier switches off, but not the TV. So again Receiver and then the amplifier. Every now and then it does not work, mostly. Class.
For volume. With the increase in the volume shows a circuit which is intended to indicate the loudness. The maximum volume is however reached at one-third. Next it gets. Why then a full circle when two-thirds can not be used.
LG (Life`s Good) is there already a travesty.
But it looks good, I think still.
If I had on the television no LOVEFiLM, I would have the plant but already returned.
LG, zeroPoints, but that is not so ...

Another supplement ....
The BD player is equipped with HDCP (although this protection has already been undermined in 2001, and thus purely arbitrary LG is).
This means that I can no longer operate with the system my older Panasonic projector because it does not support HDCP.
If you want to play a DVD / BD nothing happens.
What shoud that? My foot facility has implemented no HDCP, and functioning properly. But from a brand manufacturer.
The same is also reported in the LG BH9430PW conditioning among reviews.
I had but so far only transmitted signals from the receiver, because everything works, and I'm only now on the issue.
Bright Lights, or may not.
Now we are already in the minuses area.
But she still looks beautiful :-)

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