Lost in the forest

Lost in the forest

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Paperback)

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Extension as for a little romance short but really nice to read. A classified in the category of "forest survival." Ah ah ah. I do not guarantee the relevance odd associations that my mind is able to create, but the book made me think of another great novel on the theme of survival, and is inspired by a real one: Tavae, so far the world (I quote from memory). A Polynesian fisherman lost on its peaceful pirogue full and drifting, bursting under the sun. A wandering I do not know how many kilometers on the mirror of the ocean, and the guy got out. Not unscathed, but he escaped. It is also thought to Sink or swim, the same author. Same goal: to walk to survive.

The girl who loved Tom Gordon pat on the same subject. King sauce embellished. A girl of nine years, Trisha, is lost in the woods of Maine. Because of a mother who continues to tear each other's hair with her young son, Pete, mother and son too busy arguing to wait for the girl taking an urge. Trisha is therefore entitled to a gradual descent into hell ... Seven days trudge into the forest, armed with her one small backpack, his poncho, a meager supply of food and water, but above above all, a small radio station which allows it to follow the baseball games of his idol, Tom Gordon, pitching the last chance interventions late in the game are real miracles since irretrievably sign obtaining team victory. Only link connecting the girl to the rest of humanity ...

The novel is very successful. As usual, King crunches his main personal of a master hand with an unstoppable accuracy. Impossible not to focus on this kid resourceful and resourceful who faces consecutive dangers opposes him Nature (thirst, hunger, injuries, and other nasty traps fauna and flora really vicious ...) still contracting to stay the course, but not without being racked by the superstitions of childhood imagination was quick to disguise in anguish, in fear.

King of the ingredients are there: a fantastic side cultivated (ambiguity about the nature of the dark force that watches Trisha in his sleep ...), the portrait of an American middle-class family (divorced parents, two children, a father alcoholic and neurotic mother) and then psychological soundness of the main character, and fairness, too, successive galleys which it faces ...

In short: a great time.

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