Low expectations - still disappointed

Low expectations - still disappointed

Need For Speed ​​Rivals - Limited Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I really do not expect a masterpiece but what EA is already delivers here a little audacity. The previous NFS Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit have I actually quite liked, certainly not for eternity but once play was fun. Unfortunately, you can not say that of Rivals.

First, there is the technical implementation. I can also play a fun thing not a bomb graphics but Rivals is just plain ugly. Muddy textures, cruel fibrillation and ridiculous foresight. I do not understand how the game can look worse than the last 3 games in the series or the almost 6-year-old Burnout Paradise. And to break even regular framerate one, making quick maneuvers almost impossible.

Then there's the control. If I control a supercar I do not want him to heave like a tank around every bend. Drifting is unfortunately not nearly so easily by hand as before. Just not a good driving experience.

The career is abound yet established completely chaotic at all, and you never know what to do next. One simply drives aimlessly through the area and will start any events against too strong or too weak opponents.

It may be that it makes on the PS4 fun because the technology really makes everything broken. The run certainly better on the new consoles. But from the PS3 version, I can really only advise. As the predecessor, Burnout Paradise or even the race in GTA 5 do much more fun.

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October 24
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