Mint skipping rope - Top quality, also suitable for women

Mint skipping rope - Top quality, also suitable for women

PROspeedrope men, women skipping rope (Misc.)

Customer Review

If you spend 30 for a jump rope expected quite already ensuring value for money and maybe one of those who are enthusiastic about this only partially by the new conditions of the sports certificate times as a note in the margin. Since I'm already owner of PROspeedrope skipping rope gold I see now both ropes together. Since these are used by men and women, so I can write for both sexes.

This is also supplied the rope in a resealable bag, it may well already with the delivery pass the slight surface scratches on the handle pieces by umherkullernden screwed handle weights and premium quality (this is quite serious!) Allen key arise. (I so happened in my two ropes!) However, if you have the cable in operation will be allowed the extra weight either screwed or she along with Allen key stored somewhere else, if the bag is at all long participates I let times debatable is the idea itself good, but a variant of fabric with cord to draw would be quite interesting, and perhaps also ne quite quality alternative.
Of weight, both ropes differ in handle and of course by the cable itself with the ProSpeedrope per lighter, ie with less effort turns and felt therefore also faster. The ball bearings in the handle are equivalent but the gold runs a little round, on the one hand because of the weight and also because the cable receiving the Gold also made of metal. So the Pro rather for the woman and the gold for the well-toned man / woman austrainierte.

The handles are made of metal are very finely grooved and just need to be held firmly with damp hands so far I had no position Lenkerband rumwickeln, one would mE but instead a somewhat stronger ribbing especially when gold - can bring. Integrated in the handle, the screw-additional weights and ball bearings that can really run the rope around and easily. The thickness of the handles is quite appropriate, so that even small hands to handle pieces still may include good and safe. The additional weights can be cleanly and smoothly into the thread of the handle pieces. The cable itself is in the Gold version quite rigid and have to get to unhook and stepped in. The Pro is thinner and more flexible, but also here it lends itself to the rope to let unhook. In addition, it is advisable to wrap the ends of the rope with duct tape because the wire core yet quite poking out picksig from the plastic cover and thus is given a risk of injury. By simply looping the rope in the handle the skipping rope can be adjusted relatively easily in the length and the rope itself trimmed with a solid side cutter Knipex ala to the required length.

Overall, it is of course a proud pile of money that you invested in this jump rope, but the quality, 36-month warranty and nachkaufbare spare parts are a good argument against the cheap deals and when to use it and it pleased as around the rope runs at the latest has it worthy of its price. Since you can change the ropes to each other, the rope of ProSpeedrope Pro you can thread into the handles from ProSpeedrope gold. The other way round, I have not tried it yet, but I think this is not the cable take-up of the Pro for the ProSpeedrope gold rope suitable.

Although outdoor Rank: 3/5
January 26
great! 1880 2119 Rank: 4/5
December 8
Tester that does its job Rank: 4/5
January 21
Simple and Functional 18 Rank: 5/5
January 21

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