Molecular cuisine ...

Molecular cuisine ...

A chemist in the kitchen: preface by Thierry Marx (Paperback)

Customer Review

A book for all food lovers, gourmets.
Which addresses the hot topic of molecular cuisine, which divides the top chefs.

Thanks to the author, one finally understands what is going on in the kitchen.
The results of firings has different levels, different types of cooking (baking realized there was NO cooking strictly speaking)
Many definitions and numerous examples.
Really, very interesting ...

But do not imagine to replicate this at home.
Unless you own all the equipment of the small chemist!

Book that has professionals.
Book your table to test your knowledge. :)

Super! 632 Rank: 5/5
December 14
Fixing is a joke Rank: 1/5
April 16
Practical bags! Rank: 4/5
May 7
Good, but ... 67 Rank: 3/5
May 20
fragile 13 Rank: 3/5
August 4

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