More expediently burgers in between as fine cuisine

More expediently burgers in between as fine cuisine

No Fixed Address (Audio CD)

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Nickelback are known for ordinary Radio Rock, the singles are melodic and very catchy, individual songs on their albums to rock slightly harder - have the songs all one thing in common, they are particularly live really strong. As Nickelback in 1996 their debut album "Curb" and before their debut EP "Hesher" published, one found more of a grunge band before that was just too late to come up with the likes of Nirvana, which was mnifestiert already firmly in the history books after Kurt Cobain's death To compete, and Pearl Jam. In 2001 she succeeded with their third album "Silver Side Up" and the lead single "How You Remind Me" the final breakthrough for Mainstrem Act. From then on, a triumph that did not so many bands began. Within an album the guys around Chad Kroeger had become big rock stars. And from there they polarized - either you hate Nickelback or you love, is not much in between. I have developed over the years to the latter, not that Canadians would be my favorite band, but what they do always had hand and foot and on every album there were some firecrackers and very few total failures.
Last year came "No Fixed Address" on the market, an album that apparently splits tempers. The release is something passed me because I currently very little post-grunge and hard rock hear (and if the Foo Fighters), but of course I'm not around come by listening the album. My impressions saw this as follows:

Million Miles an Hour:
Do I hear a very synthetic entry? Yes, then get on the guitar and the vocals. Wait a minute, Chad does not sound a bit weird? Also this is the case, who has always mixed the and his fingers had at the voice in the game, actually belongs punished - he would have to listen to the verses in a loop. The chorus is then without the totally laughable vocal reworking quite managed to happiness and a real pleasure. Instrumental, the number but consistently convincing and Ryan Peake immediately shows what he's got on the guitar.

Edge of a Revolution:
It's already much better! The ingenious entry passes into a verse with strong basslines, to believe the refrain with a very catchy but still quite hard tunes. Lyrically Nickelback dare also to relatively new area, the very political and critical lyrics might as well come from a punk band. And musically, you can hear some punk influences, which are the guys but very good. Maybe it's just in, now to write such songs, but no matter how far the number is calculated - it's just really cool! Out tip!

What Are You Waiting For ?:
Well, maybe a few more corners and edges. I think this title is firmly blown by massive radio airplay in the ear canals of the listener. At least one song of Nickelback album succeeds on the radio and to be played from and somehow I do not begrudge them, too. Had this not the unspeakable synthetically-electronic verses that can compensate only partially the solid but harmless rocking chorus.

She Keeps Me Up:
The beginning is pretty cool and with some funky-chilled rhythm one must necessarily move along. Garage-Pop, the triffts perhaps best. Would you still take out the R & B voice of a backing vocalist, that would be here a really horny rocker who comes somewhat experimental, but still clearly Nickelback goods. Even so the number is not necessarily bad, even if the bridge also anmutet something funny. Especially the bass lines and drums come over but overall good.

Make Me Believe Again:
United raised this number begins. Amazing gloomy sounds of the rocker, who works pretty well as a semi-ballad, even if I personally happen again a little too much electronic sounds in it. But the chorus burns almost instantly and you can sing along fairly quickly him. Musically reminds all something to 30 Seconds To Mars for beginners, good willed, actually quite well skillfully, but without really surprise and with a slightly unfamiliar voice. Solid bulk goods, I would say.

And we take even more speed out. Synth violins resound in the background to an acoustic guitar, which introduces this ballad. Then a pleasant Nickelback typical title, a song which expresses neatly on the lacrimal gland developed, but of course hurts anyone and a very neat single release would be because "Satellite" extremely well is very catchy and the strengths of "Lullaby" with which connect properly of "How You Remind Me" white. Perhaps no maximum rating, but food that is slightly above the average.

Get 'Em Up:
If the plate is still really good? Here, too, experimenting with new sounds ranging from blues rock, pop and garage rock and manages the Canadians again pretty good. This garage-blues-pop is so typical Nickelback and then again totally different, while the lyrics and the chorus sound extremely familiar, bringing the verses interesting new life into the sound. Even the somewhat smooth production can be here definitely not be called a weakness, and full marks out tip.

The Hammer's Coming Down:
The beginning is quiet, then the number is in a one Sythie rockers about where Chad's voice again was edited very strange, especially in the verses that sound just plain boring and replaceable. As stark contrast is the chorus, which is really more than just solid food, decent electro-rock, a little reminiscent of the music of Linkin Park. The Bridge convinces, but the title is no longer especially because of boring to death stanzas as lower mediocrity.

Miss You:
Well, who reads the song title, knows the direction in which "Miss You" develops - a radio rock ballad with polyphonic singing. If the drums do not sound so bad as canned, the guitars would put a few accents and vocal and backing vocals would fit together, that would be here, perhaps not a bad title. So but one wonders how it was able to create something on the album - boring high ten, after two minutes even fucking annoying.

Got Me Runnin 'Round (Flo Rida feat.):
Combining Nickelback and Flo Rida sounds pretty crass and when I learned of this collaboration, I was kind of obvious that this will be nothing. Nevertheless, I absolutely had to check it out. Fortunately, I was out on a worst-case scenario, which is why the instrumental part of me was still positive surprise at the beginning. Then Chad begins to sing well as semi-anyway, he can not seem to decide between singing and rapping - the verses are actually a disaster. The chorus is then something else, not necessarily a bad thing, you're used to just not Nickelback. Flo Rida's Part in this song is a) timed completely pointless and bad and b) just to Fremdschämen because virtually nothing fits together. If the song as bad as expected? Yes, only the refrain ensures here really a point.

Sister Sin:
The beginning seems somewhat oriental, then passes into country rock and reminds me somewhat parallel to Bon Jovi on "Lost Highway" or "This Afternoon" by Nickelback's album "Dark Horse". The atmosphere generated by this last song really knows to please, somewhere between Western soundtrack and rock "Sister Sin" perfect music for driving in the summer or to the party around the campfire. The chorus is pleasantly typical of Nickelback, the verses are almost relaxing and know how to please. All in all a very conciliatory statements for the album after the last two disappointments and a small face-off tip.

Nickelback manage to polarize, no question. It is "No Fixed Address" praised by one side to the skies and touted for its musical diversity, on the other hand, the plate is panned that here but actually everything has gone wrong. In my opinion, neither party really right. I'm somewhere in between, for me is "No Fixed Address" an album that has everything to offer between firecrackers and disaster. Here are embarrassments like "Got Me Runnin 'Round", which are to Fremdschämen, but look for convincing rockers like "Edge Of A Revolution" that a positive surprise and include the best material that have fabricated in recent years Nickelback. In addition a lot of filler which makes this album finally to a burger - you buy it, used it, enjoying it on the one hand, on the other it is damn hard in the stomach and gets a not good and one wonders whether the money was well worth it. But eventually you get back appetite and says that it does not always have to be haute cuisine and as a burger in between fulfills its purpose and tired.
Enjoy your meal!

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Average: 3.09 points

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