Musical cover travel at its finest

Musical cover travel at its finest

Sing My Song - the exchange Concert (Audio CD)

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How many times have you heard in various talent shows cover songs sung so badly that one in the heart hurt to the original genius of a great song artist.
However, if it is possible to interpret an old familiar song again, to make it musically to his "own" and thus breathe new life into it is the more heart-refreshing and fascinating.

How awesome is because the idea of ​​having different singers covers their songs each from different styles of music. Can this experiment succeed?
I was very, very excited, especially since I had a confessed fan of German music (Xavier Naidoo and Gregor Meyle) with some of the artists so far little or nothing to do.

And Behold, to bring it with Xavier's words to the point: "The surprise was a success!"
The experiment has evolved at a rapid pace to a more than fascinating and totally unique musical crossover whose CD I wanted absolutely and definitely had and now happily hold in his hands.

Each of the artists (and I mean every single) has contributed in its own way to the fact that the boundaries of music for me is no longer so clearly segregated.
I have every appearance of the show can be enjoyed to date and look forward to what lies ahead.
Again and again I am surprised how different and novel already know Believed may sound and even may bring and how the personality of the artist new unimagined contents of songs for days.

Most of all excited and fascinated me personally Sarah Conner, who manages to turn each of the covered songs "Something Special" and whose vocal diversity and musicality have remained hidden from me before.
Sung Unbelievable how great their madness voice in German sounds, the more I am pleased that both the song "Sugar Doll" and "There is none like you" can be found on this album.
Would there be an album of Sarah in German, I would buy me immediately.

But Andreas Gaballier, the "Volksrock'n'Roller" has really grabbed me, both his own songs (especially touching song: "Amoi seg 'ma again" in a to tears touching version of Xavier Naidoo) and his idiosyncratic to covers and sympathetic way the songs of the other (eg, "The List" of Roger Cicero to hear in a charming fresh version on this CD) brought me a music genre closer, which I previously did not even know that it exists ...

Roger Cicero has the effect I am surprised that I have occupied me for the first time with his songs, and I have total confidence whose charm and wit. Unfortunately, Xavier's version of is not "What do you dream at night" on the CD, this song I would have really wanted ...

Sandra Nasic has missed with its stunning power many of the songs a "Guano Apes" stamp, and thus they can be innovative and interesting. In German I like Sandra not quite as good, I think they come over english even better, but that's a matter of taste, in any case I think it's great that she has also dared to venture to the German.

Sasha I have ever seen in diverse jungle of Popuniversums only marginally, with its melodious and full voice, he also gives the songs gecoverten a surprisingly new note.

Gregor Meyle has always fascinated me, he has the great talent, not only to write beautiful texts, but also to confer with his unique voice each sung by him song so incredibly much feeling that it is a musical pleasure and a treat for the ears. Each of him gecoverte song is distinctive, soulful and amazing, I can only humbly thank you for these beautiful moments.

And Xavier Naidoo,
it is for me anyway unmatched
(A CD with his cover songs I would buy immediately on the spot and umgehendst!)
He made it to his musical genius, to call this wonderful project to life and
the surprise was a success, and succeeded beyond all barriers and frontiers musikalschen!
Thank you, and I sincerely hope for a continuation of this insane great and fascinating experiment ...

CONCLUSION: This CD is anyone who is open to music, absolutely and unreservedly highly recommended!

Supplements and Tip from 05/29/14:
On 6.6. the Deluxe Edition of the album appears: In addition to the already released CD This release includes an additional CD with 14 additional songs from the show plus a DVD with a best-of compilation, some duets and scenes from the house during the shoot in South Africa.

In total, 2 CDs with 31 songs and a DVD!
I'm going to buy additionally definitely.
For anyone who has not yet been released CD, it may worth more on the deluxe edition of waiting for since these CD's quasi inclusive plus many, many more songs and extras of the consignment.

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