My personal favorite for 630 and 1320

My personal favorite for 630 and 1320

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inches) HD IPS display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, 2500 mAh battery, dual SIM, Windows Phone 8.1) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The 630 I have been published since, but I lacked LED lamp and somehow the screen resolution was too small, modest. But it is still in operation and absolutely robust and reliable.
The 1320 I got myself as an Internet phablet for long train rides or price comparisons on the Internet. The display is awesome, the size pleasant, but the Bluetooth bug of bugged with the denim Update hired. Returned to service and after 14 days with CYAN get back a new attempt with the denim Update I wanted then did not dare yet. So replacement was needed.

Long switch between the 730 and the 640 and hergeschwankt. Yesterday then market the 640er for 149, in ***** - seen, watched and equal love. It was in matt black and glossy white.
The case is similar to the 630, but it seems to have become adult. The build quality is absolutely high, the display is very good in resolution and color reproduction. The cover of the white is something noble from. Only startled me the possibly slip vulnerability and rapid onset sleazy factor from it. It was alse the black 640er. Although kinda boring in design, but it will not have this too soon corresponding TPU Cases.

The technical advantages compared with the 630 and 1320th
Since specifications are well known, I'm here just to me important differences:

The display has the high ppi (ie dots per inch) on very nice. Pages that were difficult to read on the 630, since the resolution was low and the display is too small are now legible. The 1320 spoiled with a large display, but the resolution was low, which makes it also came here at some sites to podium training. In 1320 I found readability even in direct sunlight brilliantly, at 630 legibility was poor. The 640 also convinces here full! Full marks! The display itself reacts smoothly on inputs, zooming with two fingers works well and also trembles nothing.
I feel the color rendering better than the 630 and the 1320. Maybe imagination, but the blacks look easy rich.

Working speed:
Here I actually had at any Lumia thanks to the good operating system never serious stuttering or trailer. The 1320 is from handling her somehow more fluid than the 630. The 640 has risen here and convinces with its quick responses and fast refresh again. Unlike the display of 930, at which it is illegible in fast paging the screen, here everything stays legible.
The brightness can also be set to automatic when 640, which works well. Likewise, color and manual brightness, the brightness level can be adjusted, Prima!

Space for two SIM cards, Bluetooth and WLAN are on board. The Wi-Fi reception seems to me when in 1320 a little better, which is probably due to the larger antenna in the device. Crashes when you leave the reception area I had the 640 later than the 630th
Whether the Bluetooth BUG here also emerges must be tested yet ...

Here joy and disappointment is spreading!

1. It is partly filled with the DENIM Update 2, which brings some changes with it. Thus one arrives at "Enistellungen" now on the popular website with formerly wild jumbled settings. These have now been divided into the subcategories "network + wireless, personalization, accounts, system time + language. Input + ease of use, data protection, backup and update + Extras". An alphabetical order is still looking. Positive is you can search through a small magnifying glass for terms now, because if one knows their name. An alphabetical order as in Windows 7 / 8.1 would be better.

2. Pre-installed Apps: Annoying Microsoft is now also starting third party software on its phones to install. Here annoying especially the BILD app that can be uninstalled kindly. The whole social apps like Facebook and Twitter, I would like to install at his own request and does not have to accept as given. A fact that has always annoyed me when androids. Less is more here.

3. The navigation solution Here is back again, so beautiful, but it no longer seems possible to install the offline maps on the SD card, so that the scarce internal memory is further reduced. What shoud that?

4. Power + offered with the 1320 change only the "call waiting" option, while 630 went there more. When 640 all options like call forwarding, call waiting, etc. are available here as in the 630.

5. Screen "view" or Glance screen is available !!! That was the 630 and the 730 is not so and therefore a ko-criterion for me. In 1320, the indicator was due to the denim updates also like to rotate once on the head, which is why you had to look at the phone then always upside down, embarrassing! The 640 supportive ebenflaas wake by double tap - nice :)

6. The navigation keys are now displaced, ie they disappear after some time in the bottom of the screen and can wipe the bottom edge of the screen upwards again hochgeholt. Example: Man looks at his photos, wipe back and forth, etc. Suddenly verschindet the navigation bar. This of course available for viewing surface is slightly larger. Now you need one of the navigation keys, you can sweep up short of the bottom of the screen upwards. Hm, let's see how I like that in everyday life. So far, pretty good. However, I see as a disadvantage that can suffer the operating speed by this additional Gewische.

Conclusion (to date):
Value for money: 5 Stars
Features: 5 Stars
Handling: 4 stars
(Housing approximately to the 630 similar in matt cover, the glossy cover acts of high quality, however, is susceptible to scratching and slippery).
Software: 3.5 stars
(As disappointing small difference to denim, Update 1 and important functions are missing, how to move, for example, maps on SD)

In my opinion, a worthy successor to the 630, a good alternative to 730, or 830 if you can do without a better camera and aluminum frame.

However, I would like to see that manufacturers do not always throw more phones on the market, which only marginally different from each other (example Wiko), but which can be easily divided into low-end, middle and high-end. So I have to in this case, between a 730, the 640, the 830, or at least the 930, no too expensive, the 535, no does not meet my requirements differ so. This confuses more than it really helps. Were there earlier not only a 910, a 810 and a 710, and so good?
Well, the market will decide. The 640 has for me - to be the stuff a real popular song at that time as the 630 .... Good so Microsoft - despite the aforementioned shortcomings.

Due to two comments I have the review now rewritten that hopefully everyone will be happy and can look forward to the Lumia 640, instead of getting angry here about terms ;-)

The Lumia 640 is now more than 24 in operation and I think it's getting better. Not yet really found negative. New updates for "Tools & Info" and other (system) Apps are already out ...

The rights management seems quite good to fold, APPS not crash, but there is a message, the access is not possible (eg camera at Whatsapp).
The Lumia has so far performed well in everyday life, better overall than the 630/1320 everywhere. Did the change from 1320 and 630 no regrets :-)

- Did not I read somewhere, it would be a year license for MSOffice for PCs that? How to get Office then? Or I understand this wrong?
- I have not read, SKYPE would thereby (60 free minutes per month)?

August 25
Super Calendar 4 Rank: 5/5
December 4
Complies description 45 Rank: 3/5
January 18
Does the job 6 1 Rank: 4/5
November 28
Good product 4907 Rank: 5/5
May 2

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