New and progress

New and progress

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade 32/64 Bit (DVD-ROM)

Customer Review

XP was so worn with considerable media effort to the grave, so a new operating system was required. Win 7 running on my desktop at home without any problems, Win 8 I am mobile and am very happy (to play around after several hours). So win 8 ordered for my old desktop. Installation was tedious, then came in 2 days so about 80 updates. Some drivers had to be renewed, for my AMD graphics card, there is no update to Win 8, the screen still shows all just a little too big - which in turn can pass for a reader-friendly. Problems have occurred only with Office XP - Outlook is now unusable. Nevertheless, the success of the operating system if the spotlight alternates between tiles and desktop.
. The problem ended up being upgraded to win 8.1, since everything is different: slow start (why do I need a password - from live - if guaranteed no one except me going to the PC?), Waiting for inputs, slow reactions - for that I can now between sound chip, which has been recognized not at all to win 8. and changing sound card, which when retrieving mail - my most common application to on weekends to stay in the second house on the date, yes is really important!
Those who want to upgrade an old XP PC, should stay with Win 8, to win 8.1 obviously the performance of old hardware is no longer enough.

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April 9
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November 17
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April 23
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December 17

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