New milestone + cheaper full-frame entry - FIX: 21:03:14

New milestone + cheaper full-frame entry - FIX: 21:03:14

Sony Alpha system camera 7KB (24.3 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, BIONZ X, 2.3 megapixel OLED viewfinder, NFC) incl. SEL 28-70mm (Electronics)

Customer Review

UPDATE 03/21/2014
Add my update succinctly top equal times out:

What happened usage in 4 months?
- Got my Nikon system completely sold (D7000 with 7 lenses and two flashes)
- Purchase of new Zeiss 35 mm and 50 mm fixed focal lengths
- Purchase of various "old" Minolta lenses and full use of A7 thanks LA-EA4 Adapter
- Purchase of two manual Minolta lenses

-> Result:
Camera, thanks to the size always there. The use of old Minolta lenses by LA-EA4 Adapter (incl. Fast autofocus) is a relatively inexpensive interim solution (use here an old Minolta Ultra Wide and Tele. Both for each 180 or 90 bought)
The new Zeiss prime lenses work seamlessly with the camera software. Compared to Kitlinse, they really get everything out of the sensor. The pictures look remarkably crisp, high-contrast and detail. If ego remember right, I need nothing more than these two lenses. Also due to its size an ingenious combination with truly impressive picture quality.
Old manual Minolta prime lenses are wonderful for "quiet" shots (landscapes, trees etc) and are to grab a bargain on ebay or in various forums. Manual focusing magnifier becomes a pleasure. The picture quality is really convincing, but not enough in my opinion closer to the new Zeiss prime lenses. However, these are not priced to compare with the Minolta "waste glass".

My Conclusion:
Sony Alpha 7 + Zeiss 35mm 2.8 + Zeiss 50mm 1.8 = very valued dream combination and always set for landscaping, city and people photography.
Small downer is the AF with less light and the battery. But for me everything manageable. I do not regret my decision at all.


Sony Alpha system camera 7KB (24.3 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, BIONZ X, 2.3 megapixel OLED viewfinder, NFC) incl. SEL 28-70mm black

Since there are as yet no reviews for this camera, I start times. It concerns with the review about the Sony Alpha 7 including the standard lens supplied with the kit 28-70 mm.

I report here from the perspective of an ambitious amateur photographers. For 5 years with DSLRs go and the possibilities so far well exhausted. A full-frame camera I had not previously considered as well because of the size and the purchase price. FAR :)
Camera: Nikon D7000 with Nikon 10-24, 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm macro Tamron 70-300 lens, Sigma 17-70. All regularly in use, preferably, the Sigma 17-70 with a 2,8er initial aperture and 4.0 obenrum.

This is initially a 1-day test, because I have the camera previously used only one day. I'll update this even after prolonged Try with new information.

Immediately after unpacking the compactness of the camera falls on. MPress Sony alpha7 is purely subjective approximately 30% less than my D7000. The body weighs just 200 grams less. The case seems durable and has a dust and splash protection (including lens-mount). When feel you realize immediately that you are dealing with a professional cam.

The operation is as Nikon users initially used to, but can be readily explained by itself.
As DSLR Nuter the electronic viewfinder is a novelty. The image looks amazing at first light, but not quite natural. After some testing, but outweighs the benefits. In the viewfinder can also be used here basically everything that is displayed on the rear display. So the eye must never the viewfinder)

The camera operates in focusing very quickly. The picture quality is simply sensational for this camera size. Even though I, of the DSLR ago accustomed like adjusting aperture and time itself, so I just used the automatic mode on the first try. I was amazed at how easy it is without knowledge camera to shoot great pictures that get there well in terms of field and white balance.

The camera has no built-in flash, but what I do not regret, because I'm not a big Lightning fan. I am glad that this camera delivers (from ISO6400) stunning picture quality, even at high ISO values. Thus, the flash is not necessary in most situations, resulting in atmospheric shots. I am trying to attach a couple of shots, because this is not so easy to explain with words.

Conclusion after one day:
Its compact design is a new take-along camera. And the full-frame sensor. Sensation !!
Sony ventured into new territory here and is the top dogs Nikon / Canon and especially Leica to aggressive. The price is perfectly fine. Flash photography is not necessary. My Nikon D7000 I keep additionally because I was there to appreciate thanks to the crop factor telephoto lenses and white costs such Otpiken on a full frame sensor camera multiples.
I think that the camera in combination with the upcoming 35-mm fixed focal length from Carl Zeiss camera is always there to be if you value quality.
I think it has never been so easy to get added such a great image quality in a compact system. Even for beginners a good investment, if not exactly cheap.

UPDATE 12/04/13:
I have always had the camera the last few days there and had so repeatedly had the opportunity to play around. I have a few photos attached in the gallery. Unfortunately, they are only available in small. I hope they can be found. You are under the product image in the Rubik "customer images".

My experience so far in brief in brief:

+ Perfectly tranportieren in the backpack without any protection, since the camera really robust and (inc. Lens)
+ Image quality surprised me again and again (see gallery)
+ Very beginner-friendly, almost too easy for a "professional" camera. Snapshots in automatic mode almost always succeed at first attempt
+ Image processing on the computer I'm very happy with ACDSee Pro, because you can use it quickly. Now I've noticed in many of the made of the a7 pictures it there hardly anything to improve. Now that is good processor work the internal electronics. Respek.

- Unfortunately, the battery does not last very long, did 300 pictures made with a cargo
- Tripping überrasht relatively loud clicks. Perhaps this is also an exaggeration to mention that here. Disturbed is not me
- Only a charging cable while that you connect to the camera via the USB port. Charged battery in the camera
Disadvantage: camera unusable during charging
Advantage: traveling minimal luggage (predominates for me)
-> Remedy: charger + 2 battery by ordering here at Set at Amazon:
; Colid = 1IZP4BC65V2M9 & coliid = I23CVLF2RAMW7

Small Conclusion:
Kitlinse makes her what, but from January 2014 available zoom lens 24-70 (ca 1200), however, is possibly of Zeiss worth a look. Wers wherewithal :)

1 year ago came out with the RX1 of developed fixed focal length of Sony. Back then traded for 3000. A luxury camera. Today, more than half cheaper to switch to approximately the same size with the possibility of the lenses. I call that progress. Sony seems to be on the right track. I'll stay with this camera. She was the high purchase price value. You will be rewarded with a fantastic picture quality, which I so far did not know from the DSLR range. The D7000 I keep still, because of the telephoto and wide-angle lens.

UPDATE 05:12:13
Has not been a big fan of Sony comes to DSLR or NEX system. But the A7 convinced me from day to day.
The NEX system is ridiculed often tired of SLR photographers because it seems less professional. I do not exclude myself from this.
The alpha7 I see as understatement. When it comes to image quality it beats most SLRs, in size anyway. One of this camera, I notice less. Exactly what I like about it. It's as if you drive a Fiat 500 in the sporty Abarth version ... small but Ohoo.

Here are a few tips accessories.
In my opinion, useful accessories:

- Have the flash to be ordered:
; Qid = 1386228828 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = HVLF20M.

Very easy to use and nicely compact. Perfect to carry in a pocket for emergencies.

- In addition, there is an original Sony tripod with remote control.
; Qid = 1386229152 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = VCTVPR1.CE7

I was completely surprised by the quality. Will give up and sell my Manfrotto Carbon tripod. The camera can be controlled via the remote control swivel (up to the zoom, which is a feature of the camcorder). Compact when folded + easily. Includes bag supplied.

- Screen protector PCK-LM16 by Sony to protect against scratches

- Additional battery + charger (originals are overpriced and loud Amazon reviews not so good)
; Colid = 1IZP4BC65V2M9 & coliid = I23CVLF2RAMW7

- Small remote control
; Colid = 1IZP4BC65V2M9 & coliid = I1XTZ3MTTQRTTM

- Memory Card 64GB

- Zeiss 35mm
If available, certainly a good addition, because the compactness of the camera further benefits
; Coliid = I10N02PKGZCHPL

- Bag by Sony
; Colid = 1IZP4BC65V2M9 & coliid = I1VENQ21XPZZ2J

UPDATE 12/19/13:
Since then, I have the camera, the D7000 came only twice for product images with the flash is used. If I take the D7000 in the hand, I realize no matter how powerful it fails in comparison to a7. For yet both have their charm. Everyone has to decide for himself what he needs.

My conclusion after applications so far:

alpha 7
+ Everyday camera with superior performance
+ Compactness (at any time in your backpack with it)
+ Simple handling
+ Good for city trips and people photography
+ Very well with less light
+ Noise (photos even at ISO 12800 still okay)
+ Wi-Fi connection (photos easily sent to a mobile phone), Control via mobile phone display no problem

- Lenses expensive, especially if you wants to use the power of the sensor
Ex. Zeiss fixed focal length have 25 mm 2.8 to 800
- Battery Eater (Electronic Viewfinder + display)

+ Very good price / performance ratio for lenses
to obtain for example Tele lengths beyond the 200 mm low
(Ex: Tamron 70-300mm with crop factor = 105 - to have 450 mm for under 300 euros)

+ Fast, so good for sports photography (also because of Brennweitenverlängeung)
+ Feel (grip works)
+ Huge lens selection

- Pack size + weight (compared to A7)

Entertaining and easy to use Rank: 4/5
September 3
Universel Rank: 4/5
February 15
my daughter is happy Rank: 4/5
May 3
really top 13 Rank: 5/5
May 17
génialissime 44 Rank: 5/5
September 30

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