New series "Savane" Playmobil very successful!

New series "Savane" Playmobil very successful!

Playmobil - 4826 - Construction Set - Wild Life Care Center (Toy)

Customer Review

The series "Savane" Playmobil is just fantastic. It has several water points (4827, 4828, 4829, 4830), a trap (4833), poachers / hunters and vehicles (4832, 4834). The pet care center ("Oambati Station"), which is certainly the focus of this series is absolutely beautiful.

The building is very successful with a pen and a cage downstairs on the first floor office (with shelves and camp bed), all surrounded by a large balcony / large terrace. Warning: the installation is a bit long is in no case be made without the help of an adult.

Many figures, animals and accessories are supplied with this clinic:
- 2 characters
- 2 adult animals: 1 Monkey and Leopard 1
- 6 animals babies: 1 baby monkey, leopard 2 babies, baby zebra 1, 1 and 1 baby rhino baby giraffe
- To feed the animals: various feeders, 1 bucket, bones, two bales of hay, carrots, 1 bottle, 2 packets of milk
- To treat animals: creams, scissors, bandages, dressings ...
- Other equipment: 1 office, 2 chairs, 1 computer, cards, 1 camera, the binoculars, walkie-talkie 1, 3 lamps, 1 broom ...
- Weapons: 2 rifles and one revolver (which my daughter has never served)
- Vegetation: 1 large tree

Goodies: all small bandages to put around the injured or broken legs (therefore reusable rubber) and the tiny dressings to stick on animals. Side "magic": the injury of girafon disappears when rubbed. Practicality: the animals can be used to complement other series (such as the zoo or the circus).

In short, a toy to recommend ABSOLUTELY!

GOOD NOVEL 2 Rank: 5/5
September 8
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December 30
bulb motion detector Rank: 4/5
January 27
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March 2
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May 16
Reads files not properly a Rank: 3/5
July 17

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