new totalitarianism

new totalitarianism

Medef, a social project (Paperback)

Customer Review

An essential book for understanding the ideology of Medef, the employers' association today at the forefront of the class struggle (the employer class).
The authors make a thorough analysis of the concepts used by Denis Kessler, the theoretician of the Medef (the "ethics of risk" for example) to provide a moral basis for capitalism, which is tragically lacking. These theoretical bases draw him a libertarian future, all human activities intended to be privatized, commodified and above all, to bring in money to shareholders!
From a study of the "Social Rebuilding" of MEDEF, the book makes a comparison with the social and labor movement. The combative fraction of employers (which is embodied in the Medef) is now seeking to form themselves into independent political force right-wing parties, and wear her own projects, on the model of Vicente Fox in Mexico and Berlusconi in Italy.
In response, the social movement remains dramatically riveted to nail the parties of the classical left (who have no alternative project to capitalism), and despite some tendencies of independence, does not pursue its own against the bosses project company, while against ideological-lights are more necessary than ever.
In short, an essential book for all those who fear that the market despotism soon turns into totalitarianism.

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