Nice to look at ... but only limited results "optimal"

Nice to look at ... but only limited results "optimal"

Tefal GC702D Opti Grill (automatic display of Garzustandes, 6 preset programs grill, stainless steel) black / silver (household goods)

Customer Review

We have the Opti Tefal Grill now for about 10 days. The concept and the idea had fascinated us how much other probably.

After unpacking the undamaged appliance and the protective film on the handle everything was done properly clean as indicated, and then lightly oiled the removable grill plates with a pastry brush. Then the grill was once tentatively heated in the "Steak" mode and off again to see if the device works to completion.

The first real "use" he had then for 2 days later when we breaded cordon bleu (fresh) wanted to prepare pork on the grill.
Heating up, cooking product insert, measure and then cooking on the various stages had everything worked (apparently) properly (and automatically). We had decided on pork for doneness "well done" (through).
Note .: During heating smoke rose significantly between the grill surfaces up, apparently from burning oil, which we had previously taken for greasing oiling /.
When the correct doneness was signaled by the relevant LED color and tones, we have opened the grill again to remove the two Cordon Bleu. Showed the spilled cheese that both pieces appeared to be even in the interior, which then also was confirmed when eating. The surface of the meat was indeed provided with the groove pattern of the grill surface, but looked more sallow / pale and dry breading, "grilled" by at least outwardly no trace. Slightly disappointed we ate the Cordon Bleu, which doneness and flavor were quite OK.

After a relatively short cooling (about 15 minutes) could be both grill surfaces found easily and lukewarm from the grill and good and residue-free clean with some dishwashing detergent and hot water. Even the spilled cheese could be removed well. Using a scrub brush, the grooves were well cleaned.

The second application, we then tackled today, where we have two frozen "Filegro" fish fillet placed directly from the pack on the grill after we had before again lightly oiled barbecue areas. These quick-frozen fish fillets are breaded yes with a spice mixture. This time we have the mode "Frozen" and "fish" is selected. After the obligatory pre-heating phase (about 4 minutes) both fillets were packed to the fully opened grill and this is closed again. Where we have always made sure that the grill when you insert is always fully open, as indicated in the manual, so that the "thickness measurement" of the food can function properly. Since the fillets were not very thick, the cooking time went pretty fast. Here we have again the doneness "well done" (through) selected to ensure that the frozen fish fillets are really well cooked.

After displaying the corresponding Garzustandes the grill was open but oh Graus, the fillets were still completely "schlapprig" / greasy and totally bright and mushy on the grill. The thawed Gewürzpanade was still pale and moist, the fish but palpable hot. We then closed the grill again, to still allow the fish fillets and cook a little further, in the hope of improvement (and tanning), but at said state then changed nothing more, the grill had apparently changed in the meantime in the warming phase ( LED flashing deep red). The fish fillets saw at this time from the reputation of rather unpalatable. Nothing with "grilled". Frustrated my wife then brought out a pan, what we wanted to avoid, and the fillets there again (induction) brought in hot fat to a appetizing color and appearance.

Here then was the subsequent food no enjoyment, but rather a "choking down" because the fish was completely dry and tough as rubber. The remaining two-frozen fish fillets, we then prepared conventionally directly in the pan, and tasted great.
That was the total disappointment, because apparently frozen, breaded food to be cooked so can not be prepared, in spite of such "frozen food" -Optionstaste.

In summary, we have to say that both results by the many positive words have failed here rather sobering and disappointing. That leaves us a bit perplexed, because we the Opti Grill no really can recommend it. With "inflame, select, insert, finished prima" it was nothing at least for us. Too bad.

That is why only a maximum of 2 stars. Should we still be able to collect more positive experience, we will revise our judgment here accordingly and adjust scoring accordingly.

PS .: If still want to bring someone suggestions or personal experience, go ahead. In addition, there's indeed the comments ... ;-)

Update 12/18/2014: Today we have some fresh pork loin on the grill Opti tried in the hope that at least unpaniertes meat a satisfactory result. For this, the pork loin was cross cut, marinated, and then packed in each case 2 to 4 pieces on the grill. Thus, the portions are not too dry ("dead meat"), the sirloins were only "Medium Rare" grooved what has turned out to be "spot on". Between the individual passages while we were eating, the grill was turned off.
And ... surprise, surprise ... they came exactly grilled on the spot and nice and juicy out, one by one, with a nice brown "Grill pattern". Direct hit. We both enjoyed it this time tasted wonderful. Will the next time try "Lamb hip" ...

Because of the significant better outcome this time, we have raised the rating to 3 stars ... and now the hope rises.

Update 01/19/2015: In the meantime, we have prepared various other meat species and varieties. Hamburger work wonderfully. Lamb (boneless), beef and steak are good to taste OK. But here is the result, depending on the fat and cut a little different from the display and at least visually not as prepared in the pan. The meat surface is through the Contact Grill principle (despite previous oiling or greasing the grill) rather dry and not so ahnsehnlich, as in (arrival) pan frying. Overall, I would raise the rating hereby 4 stars. A postscript: Cleaning is easily accomplished. Since the grill with greasing or oiling, as indicated in the recipes, begins more or less strongly to smoke, we have now placed him under the hood during use in the heating phase.

So far, all is well! Rank: 4/5
December 9
A little disappointed 23 Rank: 3/5
April 24
Scam! 35 Rank: 1/5
May 4
Beautiful object, good sound Rank: 4/5
October 26
December 26

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