Nikon AF-S 28-300 VRII Travel Zoom

Nikon AF-S 28-300 VRII Travel Zoom

Nikon AF-S 28-300mm 1:. 3.5-5.6G ED VR lens including HB-50 (77 mm filter thread) (Camera)

Customer Review

Actually the purchase of 28-300mm originated with me from the need of the hour: in the midst of Japan's tsunami crisis was the Nikon 70-200mm, if at all to get, only to astronomical prices. I just had my Sigma 2.8 / 24-70 and 2.8 / 70-200 sold because I had kicked the bucket, respectively within one year in the middle of shooting the autofocus and I desperately needed a telephoto zoom.
Knowing that a super-zoom is always a compromise, I am very satisfied with this compromise! That's right, it comes close in either the light intensity in the resolution of the more than twice as expensive Nikon 2,8 / 70-200. But that would also compare apples and oranges. For many photographic tasks, it is sufficient. It is very compact and has Nikon thank a 77mm filter thread. Who, like me, u polarizing filter is used. Like it very much appreciate if he does not have to buy extra filter for each lens, because the 77mm filter thread has evolved in the upscale lenses and the professional class as a de facto standard.
The lens is also equipped -like as rain and dust, the professional-class with a rubber lip on the bayonet.
Even at the risk that I am herewith for some professionals and some the oute keep it: I find the lens well and it will not give up, even if I now the originally desired 2,8 / 70-200 get. I photograph namely no graph paper and then look at a 24-inch IPS panel monitor to see if the lines agree at 300% view yet. I'm doing landscapes and real life and because the lens is good enough. A great photographer once said: "The best photographic equipment is the one that you have this" And since I'm hardly Photos in the studio but there where I carried my equipment before, the Nikon 28-300 number of persuasive arguments on its side. In addition, one encounters more and more contemporary, the little open face of photography these days: with a huge camera plus a rich tele one puts in their eyes already very close to the category of "Paparazzi" and the mothers bring their children clean. The 28-300 is as I said compact and relatively unobtrusive. Only expert in the matter know that there is a very potent lens.
For some photographers a camera on a tripod is one principle - especially at telephoto focal lengths. Preferably on a Gitzo without central column to avoid any movement. But apart from the extra weight of the construction of a stand in many shooting situations is far too long and secondly, often banned or at least undesirable. Here Nikon VR II pays. On an APS-C camera, I have the equivalent of up to 450 mm focal length, and it is what photos are incredible to me so at relatively slow shutter speeds succeeded already out of hand.
Colors and contrasts come good, chromatic aberration (color fringing at the edges) are already of good Nikon cameras (I think all of the bodys D90 onwards) eliminated and reflexes kept within well-tolerated limits.
-If you zoom after focusing, the subject must be brought into focus again. (Which is in many other lenses as well as)
-with decreasing focal distance decreases the focal length, that is, at the minimum focusing distance of 50 cm has no 300mm, but only about 130-150 mm focal length. (But since I can shoot a spider Full Frame eg, I 140 cm extends the still, especially in telephoto zooms all I know, the minimum focusing distance is much higher, for example at 2.8 / 70-200 or 150 cm in the 70-300)
-The Locking in 28mm has annoyed me at first. But when the zoom moves Hiking else actually unintentionally made. When zooming, the zoom length when not change (for example, when 2.8 / 70-200) there are no such problems, of course. These are from the outset much longer ... and harder. And even the Nikon Professional Zoom 2.8 / 24-70 extends the zoom.
PROPOSAL: Get in addition the Nikon AF 1.8 / 50 D. Given the high performance of this lens you can get it almost paid (it recorded less than 1.4 / 50mm). It is so compact that you could put in your pocket it even. If you encounter a motif, in which the imaging performance is especially critical (eg if you want to make a very large magnification) you are well prepared.

CONCLUSION: Who can cover 28-300 focal lengths with fixed focal lengths and bear the costs and the weight of it and wants, which is wrong here. For those who want to travel light, I see in this price-performance ratio significantly more advantages than disadvantages.
Miscellaneous reports Judging there seems a certain series dispersion of this lens. Based on my lens, I can say that this lens for those who want a travel zoom or where the Nikon 2.8 / 70-200 too expensive is a recommendation worth.

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