No matter what they say ... Go Your Own Way

No matter what they say ... Go Your Own Way

No Matter What They Say (Feat. Samu Haber) (Audio CD)

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So far the Urban Pop Trio Follow Your Instinct was only insiders of the black music scene a term, but that is likely to have now at least now changed abruptly. The crew consisting of Addis (formerly Raptile among others known for his successful album "Classic Material" and cooperation with the likes of Trey Songz and Xzibit), Lionezz (caused a sensation as the only European participant in the 2008 broadcast VH1 series Miss Rap Supreme and by performing with among others Busta Rhyme or Outkast) and Viper (already worked with some renowned producers together) was in 2010 in the United States with their first single "Disco" stir up the American singles chart the same again. Back on the "Great Pond" was the trio of course in Europe put an exclamation point and this they do now with their new single "No Matter What They Say". For the production of the song has brought no less than star producer Just Blaze to the controller, which is known to have forged even for artists like Jay Z, Eminem, Usher or Mariah Carey hits. For the chorus Sunrise Avenue singer Samu Haber was taken in fog and also for distribution in different regions could be done with the two major labels EMI and Universal one of the best catches ever. Thus, the sign could be paved for a true mega hit.

The single "No Matter What They Say" was released in three different versions:
- Audio CD release (3 tracks)
- Amazon Digital Download an exclusive FlowNFlava Dubstep Remix + Instrumentals (6 tracks)
- ITunes digital download with an exclusive Dave Ramone VS 5Star Deejays Remix + Instrumentals (6 tracks + Music Video).

Now's a quick insight into the single as well as various remixes:
- No matter what they say (Album Version): After Just Blaze's typical initial trademark crashing an a brilliant, driving beat on the handset, which is enhanced by great melodies. Addis puts a terrific first part on the mat before then Lionezz comes up with a great and at the same time thoughtful verse and not as expected not rapping, but their vocal abilities proves. Viper gives the whole in the third stanza with his accent that certain something and the icing on the tracks in the form of Samu Haber in the chorus with its wonderful, warm voice we need hardly say much - catchy factor high 10th

- No matter what they say (Radio Edit): hergesehen From instrumental as the album version, however, slightly different set up and shortened, thus the Viper's invisible part.

- No matter what they say (Hollaback Acoustic Remix): This version is based on the text flows on the Radio Edit and includes a wonderful instrumental, consisting of piano and strings and from the house of Hollaback Productions (including the two Nuremberg DJs and producers DJ and DJ Richie Polique) originates. In this version, you should just sit back good 3 minutes close your eyes and relax - goose bumps guaranteed!

- No matter what they say (Dave Ramone Remix): For all Electro / House Remix friends this is the right address. Anyway, should stay dry no dance floor here, even if this Remix captivates more by its instrumental and lyrically seen only the refrain of the song is used.

- No matter what they say (FlowNFlava Dubstep Remix): Allen Dubstep friends can these playful remix just put your heart and thereof are bursting at the clubs at the seams probably the dancefloors.

Follow Your Instinct have created in collaboration with Sunrise Avenue singer Samu Haber a truly successful song which will probably also appeal due to its many remix versions, a very broad masses of listeners from all walks. One can only salute this crew and continue to wish them every success with their music as well as the current promotion of their single and must be very excited, of course, as the corresponding album will look like. Whoever misses "No matter what they say," misses one of the hottest tracks of autumn !!!

Big shoutouts to Addis, Lionezz, Viper, Samu, DJ Polique & DJ Richie =)


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