No substitute for a broom, vacuum cleaner and a mop, but "swiffern" is the ideal complement.

No substitute for a broom, vacuum cleaner and a mop, but "swiffern" is the ideal complement.

Swiffer dry wipes, 2-pack (2 x 18 wipes) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Actually, I thought it would be written about the Swiffer it all. That's right, certainly, but it's a lot of nonsense here, "unit too weak to high consumption, is growing little dirt (small stones) on, and so on". These statements are true, but again wrong if I chose the wrong equipment for my job (eg big housecleaning). A "Swiffer" mE can never replace brooms, dirt bucket, vacuum cleaner or mop bucket / -mopp. I'm just "swiffern" with the finished. My application area: 110 sqm floor, 15 square tiles, 2 wooden stairs. My approach: everything completely by eye even with a vacuum cleaner, after the 14-day change completely wet wiping with mop and floor soap / tile cleaners, or completely "swiffern" with wet and dry towels (consumption: 2 wipes, 4-5 tea towels). So I save only every 14 days the drudgery with water bucket and mop (wring damp), but it's all worth it. It's amazing that the tea towels vacuuming still take in as much dirt after - and with the rear I wipe even the baseboards from. In addition, I get places (under cupboards / chests of drawers) that I reach with the vacuum cleaner or only with effort. I think if you expect more, requires another system (but I do not know which one?). I find "swiffern" ideal - my mother (88) for that matter. In its 35 square meter apartment there is the mop bucket only for emergencies.

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August 3
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April 13
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August 11
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March 1
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November 29

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