Nokia 6300-a long-term report

Nokia 6300-a long-term report

Nokia 6300 black silver (EDGE, Bluetooth, camera with 2 MP, music player, stereo FM radio, Organizer) mobile (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Customer Review

Dear Community!

Now that I own the above products for half a year and here a lot of enthusiastic threads are yet to find, i will start to resist giving my experience with the device. In fact, the display and processing are excellent. However, those like me who need the phone for calls, will be soon very angry, because: every day waiting for the socket. After six months, I can still make calls about 1-1.20h, then screams the phone to power. The battery has completely undersized. Furthermore, very annoying, I feel that the acoustic battery remaining indicator does not really work (I knew eig. Only with NIMH times). Meaning, you make a call, the phone needs a lot of power, signals both acoustically that the battery is empty. Hardly one hears then, is the warning off, but comes depending on the current intensity of the application again, sometimes not. This can then already go a whole day. Ever you never know how empty the battery is actually because entw at the first warning. even 1day standby is loose inside or may crash the machine in the next few seconds. The number of Warnmeldngen is variable, so unreliable. When my 7 year old Siemens that was exactly 3 times warning, then empty and from what is the state of an alarm much more appropriate than the start from estimated 20% residual current. Furthermore, the entire battery life displayed ptisch only in 3 (!) Lines, where the last stroke can mean either still a lot of maturity, or even irrespective of (no optical indication of low battery power!).

For processing: the device is working very solid. However creaks with me since the beginning of the rocker switch at the Down button and the side volume control is very poor fit, so that these crunches when actuated. Furthermore, my unit had a flaw from the outset: the latch worked at the (brand new) device does not ... final inspection at Nokia: apparently insufficient. Can send it via the Nokia Store, all data on the phone have been cleared and over 21/2 weeks a replacement device, because the store is so busy with repairs (Nokia-quality?). According to me the way, 3 people came to the same defect in 6300 ... Overall, I am zufriden standard with the device, I hope the problem with the battery through the acquisition of next-better fix (slight modifications to the battery needed).

The reception is mediocre, you will be quite heavy vertanden and the speaker is not disco-ready (you have to hold it to your ear precisely, otherwise one understands almost nothing). For this, the software is absolutely stable and runs smoothly, crashes unknown (even after 2Monaitgem continuous operation). The menu system is logical and intuitive, Sync with your PC works perfectly. Also, the USB port is very convenient.

Overall, the unit of gets me is why only 3 stars, with a Sony Ericsson battery (keep much better) and without the defect and the small processing weaknesses but were 5 star been inside.

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