not bad 85

not bad 85

Walimex Slim Circular Polarizer Filter 77mm (optional)

Customer Review

Have the filter for my Sigma 10-20 Order, in "Size 77" these are as yet been "a bit pricey" .Zudem is the extremely slim design ideal for this Super WW Objektiv.Es occur no rings or vignetting at the edge.
Have the part just received, unfortunately, it is pouring down with rain currently, hence the "blue sky" test is carried out on this week's beach holiday in Italy.
What I tried was equal to the filtration of reflections and the "TFT Monitor" test.
In how far the filter over other Hoya or BW better or worse, I can not judge.
Get me this, even if express my Hoya POLF. comes for my 18-105ér Nikon.

The filter darkens while rotating the derivative action before my Schlepptopmonitor almost completely. Really almost !. Not only dark gray, but almost black so you barely see by what.
At a reception at the kitchen window I could (consciously) strong reflections "almost" completely Hide- whether at higher-priced products work better or worse I can not judge.
Photos attached under kitchen 1 and 2

The build quality is good, the ring can be pleasant turn soft. It's a little fiddly, but a more appropriate journal would possibly protrude into the picture or on the lens hood stripes. I'll handle it well. For 20 euros? super.

I'm going to ask me regarding the "blue Himmel.Test" forgive and to have a first 4 stars. The 5th, I reserve yet.

Really Slim Rank: 5/5
May 8
my daughter is thrilled 2 Rank: 5/5
September 9
metallica classic instrument Rank: 5/5
July 19

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