Not quite perfect, but on the way there

Not quite perfect, but on the way there

Panasonic VIERA TX-55CXW704 139 cm (55 inch) TV (Ultra HD, 4K Smart, 800Hz BMR, 3D, Triple Tuner, DVB-S / T / C) Silver (Electronics)

Customer Review

For the inclined Quick-reader who does not want to do my review text fully to here the first assessment in brief:

- Easy installation
- User-friendly, exemplary thoughtful service
- Future-proof 4K (correctly: UHD with 3840 times 2160 pixel resolution) and HDMI (with 50 / 60p and HDCP 2.2)
- Triple tuner even equipped for DVB-T2 and SAT> IP (DVB over IP, this I will in my review describe in more detail)
- Relatively low in acquisition
- Media player for all common file formats, Firefox browser
- Pronounced DLNA / network capabilities
- Liquid operation with built-in quad-core processor

Needs improvement:
- Playing UHD material not always smooth and trouble-free (jerking or dropouts both via USB and via the network leaked)
- No playback of files with DTS sound.

Now to my extensive experience:
I am one of the lucky ones who were able to purchase two years ago one of the first Sony television with Triluminos technology (specifically quantum dot displays) before our EU bureaucrats have almost made this technological revolution put an end to (keyword ROHS 2). This technique makes a significantly expanded color space possible and also allows in conventional reproduction significantly better separation of the basic colors. Without technical mumbo-jumbo formulates: From my SONY KDL-55W905A and its stunning sound quality I am now more than spoiled. Well of course I was interested very much what two years younger PANASONIC colleague compared it to bring it but with no fewer than four times the resolution compared to my old SONY and one or two new technical feasibility.


The feet supplied are mixed up in (left or right) and very easy to assemble. The satellite antenna cable and a network cable can be easily and connect without much Fingerhakelei. I liked very much and the angled power plug on the cable end to the device, which makes the installation close to walls without mains cable kink possible. Then the VIERA TX-55CXW704 must be turned on only by the remote control and the actual installation can begin.

DC far above something so Thoughtful like the Panasonic is me rarely encountered: After turning you will be greeted by the fox of the Firefox browser, and asked about the choice of viewing mode '(or HOME SHOP). Nice to have the Panasonic one, saves here quietschbunt-screaming representations, which one is exposed to the television walls relevant electronics markets today by confirmation of home right from the start. As early as now, the image quality is honest and authentic.

In the next selection you get offered to link the TV to your home network, which can be undertaken automatically or manually, or move on later. If you select Auto, it shows a very nice graphics, like the TV automatically checks the connection to the router and the Internet and also produces. Easier than ever.

Now you will be asked to which receive paths, the device will receive the TV signals in DVB-S (satellite), DVB-C (cable) and DVB-T (terrestrial) are already set the check mark. Here you should just leave the / the check stand, which actually should be applied rarely a device is connected simultaneously to the satellite dish and to the antenna socket of a cable operator. The deselection shortens the following search considerably.

Those who operate the Panasonic TV only on the satellite dish, the search (or DiSEqC single cable) may be started after a brief selection. The scan should take about 30 minutes, but was with me after brisk 15 minutes (mode: All TV channels) completed. Again super the station order is sorted reasonable with very few exceptions. As in the Conclusion assured here the description of the SAT> IP reception:

What is that? This is a whole new technology. In short, the receivable stations can not get through the satellite cable to the device, but on the home network. That makes sense everywhere in rooms, which unfortunately have no antenna socket, but at least network access. A special, SAT> IP-capable receiver (usually be mounted under the roof on satellite distribution) gets over the network from the television are prompted to provide him with a desired TV program, what he can do well in any room where domestic Network is available. It has nothing to do with television from the Internet (which can also be the Panasonic), but makes another way of the signal from the satellite dish for television possible.

I have looked for this purpose these SAT bought> IP tuner Devolo dLAN TV Sat Tuner Multi Kit (SAT TV embarrassed over power lines, no cable, powerline) white.
Advantage of this make: I do not need a network cable from the attic down into the house, but can take advantage of the domestic power line for signal transmission. Only in the room where the TV is, an adapter mains on LAN port is required, such a thing, there is also in the set Devolo dLAN TV Sat Multituner Kit (SAT TV via the mains, embarrassed no cable, powerline) white.

The great thing: Is the SAT installed> IP tuner, the Panasonic TV recognizes this after turning on by itself and reports DVB over IP found the device should be started ?. The confirmation with OK triggers a 15-minute scan, at the end are all about the SAT> IP tuner receivable stations clean sorted and listed. My enthusiasm is huge.

Under the comment function, I help with problems or questions gladly.

Again, does the Panasonic TV Model: The transmitters are> IP easily sort separated from satellite, cable, terrestrial or satellite (there are separate lists). The built-in help eHelp can be called at any time by pressing a button on an extra button on the remote and replaced with partly animated representations which included, clearly structured bilingual printed manual in the best possible way.

We come first to the image. This is clean, with honest and authentic color reproduction. Here the same tip: The factory activated overscan (cutting of image information at the edges) should first be switched off (menu: Image - Screen settings - 16: 9 overscan - ON to OFF). Now is really to see everything from the image.

Compared with my SONY TV HD playback is not quite as perfect in the colors. The interframe calculation Intelligent Frame Creation makes in my eyes compared to the SONY KDL-55W905A overkill, even the less severe levels still produce a video to detention, slick acting look. For static objects in front of a faster moving background slight stuttering and trembling edges are visible. This can also better my SONY.
But what the Panasonic TV succeeds wonderfully, is the converting of content in standard resolution (720 x 576 pixels). It is believed almost, you look at a full HD source. Hats off, that's great engineering.

The sound can - housing, space-related - of course with these skills not keep up, but it sounds pretty good, and thus better than the most representative of flat-guild. Tip: Do not the "Virtual Surround" switch that makes everything worse again.

With respect to today's "Full HD" fourfold resolution of the TV on the other hand plays everything on the wall, which I was allowed to date experience. First question: Where do you get content for it? The successor to the BluRay can still slow in coming. Solution 1: The operator of ASTRA offer via the SES UHD Demo Channel at impressive endless trailers. These attempts are constantly trying to close to go to the screen to detect or count the individual sheets with palm trees in a small atoll blemish on the skin of a dancer. In reptiles, each pore on the skin reveals that is just stunning.

Who this limited supply of content for obvious reasons is not enough, I can recommend the page 4ktv. There for legal and free download set reference video at 3840 times in 2160 (UHD) or 4096 times in 2160 (4K from the cinema).

Here, however, has been the one and the other downer mixed in my enthusiasm, because the VIERA TX-55CXW704 tends partially to Hakeln and bucking in the UHD playback - both in content from a USB stick as well as the gigabit network. It can be limited quite well: The Clip Beyond Australia's Cities of the aforementioned source running clean and smooth with an impressive presentation. The Clip properties show here a data rate of about 20 Mbit at 25 frames per second. The higher the data rate of the clip is, the more frequently occur stuttering and dropouts. To 43 Mbit per second (Fathom 4K with 4096 times 2160 pixels at 24 frames progressive) which is hardly noticeable. So from 60 Mbit per second wirds no longer edible (Autumn 4K 67 Mbit and 74-Mbit Nature in Motion).

The firmware version of my device is number 3,001. Maybe, or hopefully Matsushita / Panasonic repaired after here. Once seen make UHD content namely simply addictive.

Multimedia capabilities:
Briefly here the VIERA TX-55CXW704 digested easily as good as anything and beats so my SONY by far. Even MKV and Full HD files will play without any complaint. SD content (for example, DVD) are extrapolated impressive. Downer: files with DTS sound remain silent about the built-in TV speakers.

Who wants to enter already in the new age of high-resolution content today that provides all existing in the shadows, will rely on future safety while still have to look at the household budget, makes this TV here nothing wrong. For this you have to be an expert - the operation is for the laity always simple. Panasonic here takes the user by the hand and makes the use of this TV a breeze, even if it is actually more complicated operations (installation, network). In addition, the VIERA TX-55CXW704 carry out its activities with flying colors, so I here forgive the top grade despite the limitations.

I hope I could help with my assessment, although probably much resonated my enthusiasm in this. For questions, I am happy in the comment section available (particularly at weekends).

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