Not suitable for joggers.

Not suitable for joggers.

Sony NWZB172L WALKMAN MP3 player with 2GB clothing clip Blue (Electronics)

Customer Review

The sound is good, depending on the selected headphones. The bass amp is effective without it acts exaggerated. But what excites me incredibly often and why I now after a few months another player DETERMINED me: the knobs / buttons are arranged beschi ** s. Since I use the player in 90% of cases while jogging, which is correspondingly problematic.

- The "Lock" device to lock the keys / buttons, is a shaky, easy to shifting switch / button. If one pushes the player upside down in the pocket, the player can thus have unlocked. Or while jogging he slips a bit up and down and unlocked itself. Or jogging it is mounted on the waistband with a clip (clip holds good), but the outer clothing (T-shirts, sweaters, sports jacket) slips on the player up and down and unlocked it. And if it is only once unlocked, it's clear what's happening.

- The idea of ​​a trial basis in "zoom" in the songs to / hear inside is nice. But combine the button for bass boost and zoom is Schwachfug. A time long press the button for more bass, a short time for the "Zoom", often times leads to the fact that I'm in the middle of a song and more bass want, but do not press long enough on the button or abrutsche while jogging and suddenly the song is stopped to listen to other songs into it. Especially fun place when the player has even unlocked itself and suddenly other songs are played.

- The Record, loudspeakers / Soft and Zoom / bass button are located next to each other. They are virtually indistinguishable from each other, if one is not looking directly or "counts down". The very important function high / low should have been placed in a separate location.

The buttons are arranged so that in spite of its handy size can be operated with one hand the player only conditionally. If you want to use the unhappy placed "Back" button (in the photos below the display on the right), to agonize through the cumbersome menu, they can quickly that by grasping the player to record, loudspeakers / bar - or Zoom / bass button caught. The same applies vice versa.

Overall, the battery lasts really long and the sound is also good. However, the menu is anything but intuitive. But the arrangement of the buttons is the worst.

Not suitable for joggers.

Beautiful 5 Rank: 5/5
December 23
Price / performance ratio okay 54 Rank: 4/5
November 9
is PIKETTY Rank: 3/5
June 11

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