Note Requires Android device that supports OTG

Note Requires Android device that supports OTG

SanDisk sddd-032G-G46 Ultra 32GB Dual USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Why take a dual-stick?

The USB stick can be connected to both a Windows PC or Mac as well on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet with Android). For this he has on one side the "traditional" USB connector and on the other a micro-USB connector. Thus it is possible in principle, folders, photos, videos, music or other files or possibly even apps between USB stick and mobile device back and forth to transfer. Or are accessed by the mobile device directly to the data on the USB stick - without copying them first to the mobile device. For backups to the USB flash drive is thus in principle. Ideally, start by plugging the memory sticks in the mobile device automatically a file browser.

IMPORTANT: Technical Requirements

This works only if the conditions are met:
1. The smartphone or tablet is an Android device.
2. The Android device supports OTG (USB "on the go"). OTG knows hardly anyone, but it allows the first place to connect USB sticks to mobile devices. Not all smartphones and tablets are but OTG-capable. For this memory stick can then SanDisk but nothing !! Whether any device with a USB stick, should be better clarified before you buy! But that is not quite so easy to figure out:

a) A first clue is (googling times for "SanDisk OTG compatibility" of the manufacturer the compatibility list, choose the Dual Drive product page the tab "Compatibility"). If the device is not there yet, but it may still be OTG-capable and possibly needs an app. Especially in some units, the Nexus series of Google that's the case (but unfortunately not all).
b) There are several free apps in Google Play, with which you can carry out a technical test if OTG is in place and functioning in the present on the device Android version, eg "OTG Troubleshooter". If necessary, Search the App Store for "OTG Diagnostics".

An OTG USB cable way, is not required, the SanDisk Ultra Dual supports itself already OTG.

My app recommendations

Ideally, start by plugging the memory sticks in the mobile device automatically a file browser. Is that not the case, or do not like the existing file manager, this could be apps from the App Store interesting:

- "OTG Troubleshooter": Test whether the device has OTG. Did you get my Google Nexus.
- "USB Host Controller": Technical test of whether a USB OTG device is connected, the integration is filesystem (mount) should be possible. The test has worked for me, not to mount.
- "OTG Disk Explorer Lite": When an attached USB flash drive: A first test whether the directories and photos will be displayed from the USB stick on the mobile device. No madness app, but adequately for the test.
- "Nexus Photo Viewer": With connected USB flash drive: A first test whether photos are displayed from the USB stick on the mobile device. Even nicer, but only for photos. If you like the extent, you can switch to the big brother:
- "Nexus Media Importer": but currently costs just over 3 euros is a very chic, practical and well-functioning app for the USB access: file manager to copy / move files from USB flash drive and mobile, photo viewer, slideshow, video streamer, Music player, ...
- "SanDisk Memory Zone": The official app of SanDisk for transferring files between USB stick and mobile device. But requires unprecedented rights such as read and read SMS contacts, so I do not have it installed.
- "Total Commander" and to the plug-in "USB stick plug-TC". The plugin will cost about 1 euro, there is also a free, time-limited trial version only. Very good file manager for transferring files between USB stick and mobile device.

Review of Sticks

[+] The stick works fine on PC and OTG-enabled mobile device
[+] The stick is of its dimensions very small
[O] plastic slides are to protect the two USB connectors are provided, which can be pulled out of the USB stick. These are just unfortunately a bit hakelig and keep not bombproof.
[O] speed (measured by hand by means of a transfer of 1029 elements, especially photos, with a storage capacity of 6.24 GB on a laptop - no professional measurement, confounding factors can not be excluded): Read: 14.5 megabytes / sec. Write: 8.9 megabytes / sec. The USB stick is now no Geschwindkeitsrekorde, but is not abysmal, but rather average.


Here is mentioned only in the small print and difficult to understand that the mobile device OTG may need. The USB stick could be a little faster, and the plastic sliders are not perfect, but I do not think much. More importantly, the drive itself is functioning properly and is wonderfully small.

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