On the one hand very good games machine, on the other hand there are many serious and annoying disadvantages compared to the PS3

On the one hand very good games machine, on the other hand there are many serious and annoying disadvantages compared to the PS3

PlayStation 4 -. Console with Battlefield Hardline (console)

Customer Review


Very good gaming performance. Great graphics and sound.


No Playstation 3 compatibility. Playstation 3 games do not run! Also PS3 controller does not work (at least third party, DualShock 3 I have not tested).

The biggest advantage for me between Playstation and XBOX is now gone. Multiplayer is now no longer free, but costs 50 euro per year and is no longer as in the great PS 3 for free! When the PS 4 eight years use in multiplayer, you have smooth buy ne second PS4! The games that you get at PS Plus to have no property, but only as long as in possession, as you pay for PS Plus. This is better for the XBOX, the one gets 1-2 games there per month, are the property and after the Gold membership yet.

The hard disk is too small with 500GB, since the full games against the PS3 are now 40-50 GB in size, one can imagine, this is the disk is full at 10-15 games. What should such a crap Sony? Makes the PS4 50 euros more expensive and packs a 1-2 TB purely plate. I see myself again soon buy ne new disc. Unnecessary Surcharges Sony!

No power switch, so pull the plug! The power button on the PS4 does not turn the PS4 out, but only in the sleep mode, ie it remains yet to energy saving. Off You can only have multiple nested menus. Incredibly corrosive, irritating and not user friendly!

The menu structure is much more complicated, confusing, and nested user-friendly than in the PS3.

Only 2 USB ports are too little for today's accessories, my 60GB PS3 Fat had 4, which was good and sufficient. Because 3 I need at least one additional fan (durability console, absolutely for me, because otherwise the console is too hot, especially in summer temperatures and the durability is rapdide sink), one USB headset, once charging the PS3 controller and actually a fourth for a or load wheel to another controller while playing (or similar in splitscreen) Only 2 USBs are to say the least great botch! Therefore min 3-5er USB port accept as additional mandatory in purchasing. Here is saved for a few euros from Sony at the wrong place and ensured Umsteckfrust.

Many features that are difficult advertised "share", "Facebook", etc. are completely useless from my perspective, I do not need personally.

The graphic jump between PS2 and PS3 in my opinion was higher than between PS3 and PS4. It is clear that now everything again ne corner sharper than on PS3 and a little bit better textures, but the wow factor is with me now no longer so because, as it was in the transition from PS2 to PS3.

Have they now two days when I still thing you notice I'm writing it.

Conclusion: ambivalent. On the one hand very good games machine at a good price, on the other hand, there is for me a lot of serious and annoying disadvantages compared to the PS3, ultimately calculated over the years that cost more or for more frustration worry than the PS3 (fee Multiplayer for 50 Euro, small hard drive, few USBs, annoying menu structure, no PS3 compatibility). The PS3 is currently more attractive in multiplayer (as vain) for me. PS Plus I'm not going to buy myself first.

I hope at least the durability of the PS4 and its controller is better than the PS3. Since I have smoked in 7 years, two PS3 consoles due YLOD (even during the warranty) and 4-priced original Sony controller, failed because of defective sticks, otherwise my next console ne XBOX because my Xbox 360 Elite has been running for 6 years and the controller is still the same.

As I said, everything is not so great in the PS4, could be better for the price bracket, to save me from 50 euros more expensive than on the wrong end, Sony !.

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