One of the best covers I've ever owned

One of the best covers I've ever owned

MANNA Ultraslim Sony Xperia Z3 Case | bag nubuck leather, brown |, openable Case | Cover with Micro Fleece - upholstery | Cover for Sony Z3 with 5.2 '' screen (electronics)

Customer Review

Already during unpacking you notice the characteristic smell of leather. The build quality is excellent. All close look clean from sewn. Very attractive is also the picture on the front of the envelope. The nubuck leather used hand clings to wonderful. The smartphone you need only gently in the shell press, then it is perfectly supported by this.

Is quite useful that the smartphone is together with this casing openable. This also works very stable and the exchange goes quickly out of hand. Just as you would expect.

In this respect my sleeve like it very much. The only thing that bothers me about the envelope that the tab from the closure is stiff. By-pass precise form the shell thus includes as from exactly the Z3, but now works to the cover to the rear, so it is of the envelope to the rear. I would have rather wished to instead use a magnetic lock with a loose fabric strap or the like. Thus the shell is namely folded lid not to plan. When you lie down you can still help by lying the envelope with open lid. But if I so hold my Z3 with the envelope in his hand, is the tab in the way.

In contrast to the shell that Sony itself has brought to market, the Manna Case is to protect your smartphone and simply fits like a glove. Except for the magnetic connection and all covers and connections are accessible in the closed state. If you open the cover of the envelope, so this is well exposed. One need not necessarily remove the shell if you want to recharge the Z3 through this interface.

Conclusion: I am thrilled by the casing. Even if that bothers me the tab, this envelope is simply part of the best I've ever owned. On the part of processing and protection we need to make any compromises here and receive an all-round quality product.

Good, very bad Rank: 3/5
January 4
1 protection cover Rank: 4/5
November 1
Well just for Hildmann Fans Rank: 2/5
April 12
As good as a brand Rank: 5/5
September 14

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