One of the best games on the PS3

One of the best games on the PS3

The Last of Us (Video Game)

Customer Review

The creators of the excellent series Uncharted (Naughty Dog) took the risk to release a new oriented survival horror license, and the bet is amply succeeded!
This game, however, has nothing to do with Resident Evil, though, unlike Uncharted, do not advance by killing all the enemies without thinking.

In a world ravaged for 20 years by an epidemic that turns humans into bloodthirsty beasts, it plays Joel, a seasoned survivor to violence and the black market, which must take a teen named Ellie at the other end of the United States. During our trip, we alternate phases of exploration, infiltration and armed combat or unarmed. Survival is a daunting task. The enemies are dangerous, aggressive, equipped with an AI that gives a hard, and it is better to try to prevent undetected or use tricks to eliminate them. The exploration of the area permits to find various items, weapons and valuable ammunition for survival. The atmosphere is stressful and captivating history offers few moments of emotion without falling into sentimentality.

The crossed environments are varied and superb graphics, even more detailed than in Uncharted. The textures are very fine and the effects of beautiful lights. Disturbing noises and some melancholic music reinforce the oppressive side of this very immersive universe.
The grip is immediate, like Uncharted, but the movements of the character are a little heavier. Four difficulty levels are available (the hardest unlocks after finishing the game once). The solo adventure requires about 15 hours of gameplay, and multiplayer mode will extend the fun.

Note still small defects as enemies that sometimes do not detect our presence, or poor synchronization of voice, but nothing to spoil the game experience.

The Last of Us is one of the best games on the PS3, and it offers a dark and rich experience in emotions, to live before moving perhaps the PS4.

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