One of the best games out there!

One of the best games out there!

Tales of Vesperia (video game)

Customer Review

I've long wondered what game should I buy. Tales of Vesperia or Star Ocean 4. Finally, I myself decided ToV and get so tied up as long gone from this game.

The graph, which first put me off slightly is incredibly beautiful and really fits the game. In the demo, I found it a bit childish, but the overall game they still developed their own flair and emphasizes a very special, harmonious atmosphere.
The sound also pleases me very well. Especially the voice actors are very well chosen for the characters and do their thing perfectly. A German language edition I find here is not necessarily as necessary because English just sounds way cooler. :) For example, in Rita's Mystic Arte "Oh power That lies at the root of all creation, oh memories inscribed in ages past, hear my call and Arise befor me!" In German I could not really imagine it.
The music is also managed just bugs me a title that is played from time to time. This reminds me too much of carnival tooting.
The story is kept very nice and exciting. All playable characters are introduced masterfully and they are a very personable. Even the 12-year-old Karol who has annoyed me at the beginning of something easy to match. Later in the game you can learn more in the numerous chats a lot more about the characters. And because maybe we were at a point of criticism. 80 percent of the game consists of cutscenes and chats (fighting not included in the calculation). Turns me anything, but there are certainly some players, which is a bit too much. It often happens that you get into a sequence, then you go two seconds again a sequence. Especially since all are not backed by voice output. What I think is great, the numerous different "conversations" and gestures to the won fights. These are very funny and sometimes also fit well with this. Of course you can also skip this keystroke.
The fights themselves are the absolute highlight. Rarely has a battle system is as simple as well as complex. Simpel it seems at first glance, when one reflected the opponents with simple keystrokes. But there is a lot to discover: The many Artes, the Over Limit, the death blows, the numerous skills that battle strategies, etc .. So the fighting is never boring, because always is something new to it. But RPG beginners might be a bit overwhelmed.
The enemy variety is enormous. So there are all sorts of enemy variations. Each opponent leaves certain items, from which you can create, for example, new weapons in cities by synthesis.

The madness, what was everything "pressed" on a DVD. The multi-faceted combat system I've already mentioned. There is a huge fantasy world, the numerous side quests, thousands of items and objects, different titles connected partly with new costumes, which can be purchased, the cooking feature that many puzzles, and much more ...
But everything finds itself. There is so much to discover.

The only complaint: Sometimes a little too linear. Moreover, much of what seems walkable, limited by an invisible wall. This is often in cities the case. It can also not commit all the houses. But is not so bad, just think of the game remaining scope.

For me one of the best games out there and gave. Another negative point: It's incredibly addictive ... :)

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