One of the few albums that are convincing to full length

One of the few albums that are convincing to full length

EXIT - Limited Deluxe Edition (T-SHIRT L / exclusively at (Audio CD)

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Everyone knows it, you buy an album of his favorite artist and would be like a little kid on.
Convince many titles, but not all, unfortunately. But Chakuzas album "EXIT" puts everything ever published clearly in the shadows.
Everyone really every song on the album convinces on full length. There is no typical "song that I should continue to tilt short" because every individual is unique.

But first, "door".
Chakuza leaves annoyed by all Berlin to visit the picturesque Vijlen in the Dutch wasteland with his tour manager Max Select the indie band "in Vallis". After initial difficulties, indie and hip-hop to unite, created an album that has never been so in Germany. Chakuza creates with "Exit" a new style. Perhaps unconsciously, but convincing at full length. Spährische guitars, thumping baselines and mesmerizing vocal samples that are otherwise only known from bands like "The XX", dominated the artistic work. Only the 808 gives the whole back of the hip-hop reference.
Considering only the sound image, one might wonder what all this has to do with hip-hop. At this point Chakuza comes into play. Its unique sonorous voice, which gives each sound image a personal touch, never heard of possible pressure and held almost surprising conviction. Each handset of his previous major album "Magnolia" will recognize the differences, obvious. "Magnolia" was the work itself that brought the transformation of the artist Chakuza rolling, and "Exit" leads this more consistently continued. Regained desire to make music becomes clearer with every song and the album is doing incredibly well. I venture to say establish that this album will appeal to a very broad audience, without being just a touch of mainstream, because it is "Exit" to rough and wrinkled.
It's an album that content incredible amount of Chakuzas life reveals, without being artificial or forced, because you take from him what he tried us in a pictorial language to report. From escape and finally arrive, the separate and new Find and ultimately from the old to the new.
Chakuza has come on his musical journey aiming a giant step closer. I am looking forward to the arrival.

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