Ordinary NT, strong enough for high-end graphics card OC

Ordinary NT, strong enough for high-end graphics card OC

Corsair RM Series 850Watt Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold ATX / EPS power supply (CP-9020056-EU) (Accessories)

Customer Review

The RM 850 is well made and leaves no reason for criticism. Price-performance is consistent. See also various technical tests on the Internet.
A star deduction because: The accessory only disposable cable ties instead of Velcro straps and no storage bag for the modular cable here & not used the Corsair Link History analogy here - so useless - is.

Property me this NT bought because I mean that high-end graphics card can provide a stable need. Can thanks to a "one-rail" 12 volt supply with up to 70,8A the Corsair RM850 afford this! I :-) Furthermore looked for a power supply, which should meet the following criteria:
+ 12V rail / n at least 1x> 42A
+ Efficiency> 88%
+ Components Not loud and with quality components
+ Long warranty (in this case 5 year warranty)
+ Device at least the upper middle class or better
+ At least part Modular cable management

Although my previous NT used the superclass delivered already 750W total output, but there the 12V supply was on two tracks (each with max.30A) divided. Unfortunately, that was not enough to ensure at the high-end graphics card "Inno3D Geforce GTX 780 iChill Herculez X3 DHS Edition" a continuous stable operation. It came under peak loads from time to time to "Black Screens" for a few seconds, which naturally disturbs real in the play mode. The reason for this is that the Inno3D GTX780 or 780TI least 42A need for care, which must not be contained in several Verso approximation rails (ie mono-rail!).

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February 21
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July 10
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March 6

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