Original character game for 2-5 players, ages 8 by Laurent Escoffier and David Franck.

Original character game for 2-5 players, ages 8 by Laurent Escoffier and David Franck.

Libellud 002571 - Loony Quest, board games (toys)

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Players must draw paths to specified conditions, the hook, draw it on a transparent film at will and a sense of proportion because the model may only be viewed. Here obstacles must be bypassed and bonus points are achieved, not to mention flawless to get from the actual task from A to B ^^.

Game preparation:
The carton is used as a "game console" (with support surface) and is placed in the middle of the table. He offers the storage space for the world maps and a points bar at the top around, to which the players use their points fingers to indicate the current status.
The bonus and penalty tiles are shuffled and laid ready as a hidden stack, the hourglass is made clearly visible for all alongside the console.

Players receive all a pad (with the white side up design), a pin (with sponge), a film ("screen"; is placed on the pad), a character tiles of your choice, along with matching chopsticks points.
The players decide then for one of the 7 worlds and take the 3 thereof (double-sided) Level 1 Level maps and place them on the game console.

Aim of the game:
To get the most points!

How to play:
The players always act all the same.
On command, the hourglass (30sec.) Is turned over and all begin to draw on. Once the clock has expired, or if everyone is finished, will be evaluated and followed the next level.

The goal of each round is to create the specified level. This is done here by drawing paths and / or circling or marking of objects.
A level is represented by the landscape with various obstacles on the current world map.
On the world map is also always below to see how the task is and what possibly bonuses and penalties there.
So to cope with the level, the task is checked and this drawn according to the (own ^^) film. Usually it's about getting from A to B and avoid obstacles on the road, the mean minus points and collect bonuses in the form of eg stars - ie, touching it while drawing.

Those on the "console" booklet for world map is so regarded and characters start as much as possible by eye, estimate or memory - depending on whether the player traces of the head or the pin leads blind while he looks at the world ^^ - eg a continuous line drawn from start to finish if this predetermines the task.

The tasks can be:

- From A to B draw a continuous line in order to connect the two objects.
- From A starting various objectives through (a line that "everything" touches) and ends somewhere.
- A number of X objects include (circle, the shape is ultimately matter).
- A number X Select Objects (there a point).

In all of this must be taken to ensure that the prescribed penalty conditions, extending laterally of the task symbols - must be considered and sometimes precisely in order to decipher exactly - find, preferably not be met ^^. Mostly it comes down to certain constraints on the drawing not to touch, otherwise hailing minuses.
Conversely, of course, should be trying to collect bonus points ("touch" corresponding object). Since there are in the later worlds also so exciting things like cages in which points are locked and to gain access to this, a key must be "touched" previously. Or switch to deactivate laser locks, among other things :)!

A simple task would look something like this so that one sets the pin on the imaginary start and then this leads in pretty Schlängellinien to the finish, while just sent bypasses obstacles and collect extras.

If the time expires, all must put aside her pen and starting with the oldest player (later with the person who has the most points) get the players their film on the console and now all can see whether the subscribed way really fits.

For this purpose, the path must be in the (!) Startup Object start (not next to it ^^) and (!) End goal so because there was a pre-Benes goal. The line / n may thereby not touch any obstacles and do not give it, the player according to the terms X minuses. "Touched" bonuses will be set off with the same credited /.
If the task was solved but per se (eg A combine with B), there is this points to the task of which will possibly Mali deducted or set off bonuses. Less than "0" points a player can not get, ie its rating chopsticks stuck where it is just - the inlay used in the lower box shows the way by notching the points if someone is too large, the values ​​at the edge being able to see well.
This now do all the players gradually to get your points (or not ^^) before the next level is approached.

If a drawing does not comply with the rules, it is not only permitted to vote, so do not put on the console to control!
These include drawings, in which intersect lines or columns in different paths, as well as ways in which it can be seen that the pin was repeatedly rescheduled.

The Mali should be mentioned that these always bring criminal platelets, which in turn complicate the next drawing partly enormous. So there is the "seizure", which allowed to the affected player orders only by persistently stretched arm or draw the "vortex" in which the pad can be rotated on the colorful side needs and yet very difficult orienting.
The bonuses are not only reap points, but also bonus tiles that can increase the points received for example, or the players wipe out one. Example, there is the "mosquito", which forces the other players selected to balance the plates on his pen while he draws ^^.

The new round starts when all are ready and the new world was placed on the console, while each new level is always rotated by 90 °, so that the plan view for all players is always changing - and therefore each is responsible for always a completely different path, which really only works in his view.

Full time:
The game ends after the completion of the entire world who have selected a pre-players, ie, all levels of the world must have been played. Players can choose to play through a pre-determined number of worlds, of course.
The player who reaches the highest score on the bar, wins the game.

Arcade Mode; before the start of each level the supreme penalty tile is revealed and its effect starts immediately and applies (in addition) to all players! If a player has the same tile already (as a punishment) in front of him, he puts this right under the Criminal plate stack.

Elven Bonus Level; in some level worlds are little elves to see when a player touches them with his drawing, he may (and only him!) a secret bonus level (s. the extra level worlds) enter immediately into effect until the next player its evaluation of this round makes.
For this purpose, he selects one side of the level map and puts his character tile on the grid below. Now he flips the tile over the map, and if it remains lying only partly due to the "world", they will receive points according to the area on which are remained the plate.
In the "man-eating walls" reads the points on the wall piece with the highest value - is touched a carnivorous plant, there are no points.
At the "sandy beach" the values ​​of the pots are added, touching the plate.

This video game nachempfunde game world is perhaps not for everyone, but also purely objective one has to admit that the graphics are delightfully and very detailed. The overall visual impression does much good stuff here and qualitatively agrees everything - nice would be the ability to pins (including sponge) and reorder slides, because after many (!!) games take their value from inevitable. So a child has very firmly pressed in a round of testing with the felting and there were later, in spite of weeding, slight streaking back. After 50 games, one could then say that there is absence of any transparent film more.

But no later than the gameplay should invited to request a smile every games enthusiasts, because the variety of challenges with the 42 included levels worlds, not only offers plenty of variety, but also refreshingly new.
Characters games with reaction / time elements have been around some on the market, but such is not and mei, makes a fun!

A game which does completely without direct interaction and yet promotes competition between the players so communicative, is rare. For each drawing is of course thoroughly investigated on the console and eyed and, if necessary, discussed and often :) If it is determined how many different solutions there are, so that the re-play of each level makes sense and fun.

The idea to trace the path of an invisible hero in a video game level, thereby possibly even several effects trigger is implemented awesome and wonderfully simple, because foil and pin are the only tools needed. And no one needs to be an expert at drawing a line or dots creates any * G *.

In the variously occupied, test rounds came to a lot of joy and astonishment and it became increasingly more worlds played through alone to look at already what was coming next ^^.
So we can also be very curious to see what it to, anticipated inevitably, will be enhancements to bring new worlds and Puzzle - and probably. also substitute ^^.
So it turned out generally that at least 2 hours were played - a world, however, is significantly lower than 20min. to manage something.

The only drawback to the game is the entry level Rulebook, for this is according to our opinion, set up the wrong way. Many question marks in the faces of the tester were resolved only with the last pages of the manual. Who "LQ" but played once, it can in no time to explain all the others.

Round one can only conclude that here there is a great game that is a lot in design and playfulness at the time in the shade and should include necessarily in any collection!

Further information:
- Publisher: Asmodee (Libellud)
- BGG entry: ...
- HP: ...
- Instructions: German
- Material: language-neutral
- Photos (and reader-friendly text formatting): ...
- Online version: -

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