Overpriced - Product illustration misleading!

Overpriced - Product illustration misleading!

DR.CLAUDERS dietary supplements FUTTERSOSSE Wild 400ml for dogs (Misc.)

Customer Review

Well, it was worth a try, because our Maya mumbles not like your dry food I once ordered this sauce,
which is clearly overpriced in the Internet.
Oh, and the product picture is unfortunately misleading,
since it is believed at the price, you get 4 bottles for it- so beware!
In Kaufland (not with us nearby) so a bottle will cost 3.99 E.
But an hour drive because of this bottle of effort was me then too high, that's why we have just ordered,
in the hope that leaves our Maya on the gamey flavor.
Unfortunately, she did not like the sauce, and once opened, the sauce also only about 21 days keeps in the refrigerator.
Now we are trying to give the sauce the other dog owners, so that might have something of it.
Also, I've now ordered another flavor - with chicken - hoping
ours Maya might depart in this sauce.
Therefore, only 2 stars from me, because
a) too expensive
b) it does not taste good any Wufti.

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