PERFECT BRACKET - but with booting problem!

PERFECT BRACKET - but with booting problem!

HTC CAR D160 Car Cradle with charging function for HTC One smartphone (Accessories)

Customer Review

I use this mount on the dashboard of my Seat Leon (Bj. 2010).

I own the HTC One Stealth Black

Wear (ink / varnish abrasion etc.) on my HTC One through the put on and take Slide I can not tell yet!

Edit (06/06/2013): Have the HTC One now since installing the cradle (22/05/2013) daily at least 2-3 times in and out slid.. Conclusion: Proposal has no edge wear !!


Scope of supply:
- Plastic shell
- Saugnapfhalter
- Adhesive pad for mounting on the dashboard
- USB car charger cable

The installation is very simple. Find correct position, glue adhesive pad on the dashboard, attach suction cup and clipped the cable in the tray - finished!
Thanks to the ball joint shell can be oriented in any direction (horizontal and vertical use possible!)
It is adjusted in rotation in UZS and in rotation in CCW coupled to the shell from!

The HTC One slides without resistance or jamming in the holder and the USB port. Thought it is this basically exclusively via the connection to the USB port!
This compound holds - in my case - so good that even in horizontal applications no slipping out of your smartphone is possible.

The charging cable is quite long. Who cares that it may indeed a little curl and fix. But rather too long than too short.
V. a. When mounting the bracket instead of on the dashboard on the windshield and the cigarette lighter is further away, it is determined glad you did!

As I said, the holder can use vertically and horizontally - both on the windscreen, as well as (through the adhesive pad) on the dashboard.
When pure Slide in the holder, the HTC One automatically switches to the Car Mode & Bluetooth to a (Car mode can of course also turn off).

That the Bluetooth automatically turns I find great because I addition to mount even the HTC Stereo Bluetooth / Aux Clip use and therefore need to do is,
as the mobile phone to stick in the holder and then click "play" in my music app and already heard the music from the car loudspeakers.

Especially the offer various other support is not & a big plus!

Although is always a matter of taste, but I find the support very well made, simple / elegant and very classy!
The relatively high price made me feel only. I find him but referred to the need for quality and appearance definitely still in the frame.
The only downer for users of a protective sheath / a Case: The HTC One fits into only without cover!

Charging function:
In itself, everything seems fine: Charging through the USB car plug basically runs properly.
I stream my music while driving via Bluetooth from your phone to the car radio in the Car mode.

In plain language:
Bluetooth is on, music is transmitted and the display runs permanently (I eventually want to see what is being played)

Here, the charging plug is completely overwhelmed and made me just ridiculous 2% battery charge in 25 (!!!) minutes.
In addition, the HTC One heated exorbitant ... similar to that of the heat forth honestly this little hand warmers to buckle.
Who uses his navigation software, the same problem is likely to get (to display, GPS on, ...)

2% in 25 minutes is already shocking enough!
Remedy could create more than with another car USB connector.

Because of the original plug-in provides only 5V at 1A. I still have a Sony Ericsson at home, returning 5V at 1.2A.
The extent to which that would impact on the proper functioning of the battery, I do not necessarily want to try but.


CONCLUSION: From my side there but overall a strong buy recommendation! :) - Thank you for reading! Questions & constructive criticism are always welcome!

UPDATE FROM 31.12.2013 after 7 months usage:
Now, after prolonged use of the bracket I can still hardly complain and have no other deficiencies found.
This bracket is from my side is still a strong buy recommendation on all HTC One owner, which navigate with the device in the car,
acquit or just want to play music.

The problem is that the device is very hot, has done perfectly since the end of summer.
Although it is slightly warm (like almost all devices when loading), but it seems that especially the strong sunlight in the windshield ensured
that the smartphone was partly exorbitant hot. But do not worry: This also has the HTC One does not hurt, does it work like the first day (including battery performance wise).

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