perfectly adequate for my purposes

perfectly adequate for my purposes

D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Home IP Camera (Accessories)

Customer Review

You know the feeling: you're on holiday and hear in the news of a heavy storm in northern Germany. What would you give drum, if you could now let's see quickly into his own living room if everything is? I, for one, more than 40.00 EUR, the cost me this camera.

The picture quality is perfectly adequate for my purposes. I want nothing to see at night in the darkness of the living room, so I do not need infrared lamps. This has the advantage that the camera does not look as ugly as the popular R2D2 Outtakes. In fact, I think their discreet, clean design for unbeatable. Actually, I wanted to set up the camera in the hallway, but as optical angle is too bad, a little more wide-angle would have been better. Now it stands on the kitchen board with a view to the living room and, thanks to the white color it falls in front of white wall barely.

Before one takes over image qualities thoughts, one should remember that the courts demand a very high quality of the images for transfer of an intruder. Disadvantage is then but that one hardly "streamed" gets the images. But what it brings me, if I can get on the road have not found because the data stream is much too high at high quality? The first day I had the camera set as a movie with the highest quality with sound. Because you can watch formally on the measurement bar of the phone, such as the Data Flat is evaporated. A few seconds mobil seen what is going on at home, and you're gone 50-100 MB. Now I have set medium image quality and frame per second and I can retrieve the images even in bad phone reception (GPRS) even with some latency. Perfect!

The interior of the camera is very simple. Plug it to the router, launch facility, everything is automatic. It's so easy that I am after more than 2 weeks you can no longer remember the details. The included software works -Java vorausgesetzt- properly. The Android app on my Note 2 works perfectly. In the status bar I get a message that the camera has detected a Bewgung and by tapping the message I will be redirected to the camera image. I set up on my router OpenDNL as parental control, even so there were no problems. Somewhat complicated I find the device video recording that is to go through an FTP server. I use not, as I said, I really want to look times now and what is going on at home, and carry no real stakeout.

I have had no problems with saved settings. I can take the camera out of the socket and set up elsewhere in the house. The camera briefly examined the WLan and then is sent as usual. There is a LED that red and green with a functioning operation lights up when wireless errors on the front. When you call up images of traveling the LED flashes green, so that the people see the room that now someone retrieves the image. I think that's excellent for reasons of data protection. However, the reasons bulb sucks something so that I have it off in the settings. Even the sound I turned.

The five stars are there in relation to the price. I am aware that there are better cameras. My expectation, an IP camera with decent image quality for you have attached with retrieval of images via an app, however, are met 100%.

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