Piece by piece

Piece by piece

PLAYMOBIL 5493 - Advent, the fight for the Dragon Treasure (Toys)

Customer Review

The calendar is (as expected) a strong cardboard box, beautifully printed and the door is not difficult to open.
We had even earlier Playmobil calendar (police, Christmas Workshop etc) and all were very satisfying.
In this here but one thing irritated.
The distribution of content.
There are many little doors, where is only laughable little odds and ends.
I do not expect so, that every morning pour cornucopias, but a little more than einzelene small parts would have been nice.
Of course, in other door are again richer content, but you can tell just that here the content of about 15 subjects was stretched to 24.

Bottom line, the content is in total but a nice starter in the Asia-World of Knights.
Overall, not bad.

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