Pies which are expensive

Pies which are expensive

3D Printer - 3Doodler - Pen 3D printing (Personal Computers)

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INTRODUCTION: Attention to me-taking
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To begin, please note that I commented on the product itself and not the distributor. In fact, I bought my 3Doodler England, on another commercial site. It seems important to clarify this because there is a good chance that your 3Doodler requires an adapter if you plan to use it in France.

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I. safety accessory?
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Start with the basics, the pen comes with its cable, a cap (to avoid burning), two maintenance accessories and two bags of plastic refills (25 refills ABS and PLA 25 refills) history of a train little. There is a base from which to hold the pen (which I think is safer than leaving on the table, especially when the tip is still hot), but it is not included. Similarly the brand sells you other additional accessories like different tips (to change the form of plastic) or pedal (which adjusts the output rate of the plastic without having to press the side buttons). But everything is sold separately and accessories are rapidly increasing the note.

As much as I can understand that do pay extra unnecessary accessories, as providing a pen whose appearance can heat up to 270 ┬░ with a mini silicone cap without basis on which place the pen in a stable manner when only the not use it and it is still burning, it seems a little abused.

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II. Fortunately, the brush is not the canvas
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Ironically, this pen does not have a plastic dream. so do not expect to find him a fashion site in the middle of your dining room. You will not leave it only to draw or to proudly show off to your friends as a gadget of the year.

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III. Theory into practice ... but too much theory in practice
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1. On the "paper"

From a strictly theoretical point of view, the 3Doodler is extremely easy to use. You will press a "mine" in plastic, from the top, you slide a button (PLA, OFF, ABS) and you press one of the two side buttons to flow plastic (a button debit speed: slow, fast). That's it. When you want to stop the flow, you stop pressing. To take a break, you redo slide the button to OFF.

2. On the "leaf"

Yes, but then ... Is it as easy in practice? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but not really. For starters, all the videos you see, you'll feel it's a bit of a normal pen, but he writes in the air as if nothing had happened. It seems extremely easy to make a small dot on a sheet and then to rise into the air, straight as a ramrod. In fact, plastic is not nearly as docile as that and it has a strong tendency not to cling to the sheet (result: it goes in all directions) to curl on itself or to go in all directions except the one you had chosen ...

to. The "free style" mode, to avoid

It is dangerous (if not impossible) to create a figure in 3D from scratch just because drawing in the air is almost impossible in practice: the plastic solidifying rarely exactly as we had wished. Furthermore, no gum has yet been invented, it can only use scissors to remove unwanted pieces of plastic, but you can not redraw the curves or otherwise reshape the plastic once out of the mine. We must therefore get it right the first time or again.

b. Disguised 2D

Fortunately, there is a method more down-to-earth to do 3D, it is to make a sketch on a support (eg paper) and trace it with the pen. This is easier since you have a flat surface and then you spread your plastic as ink with a (huge) pen. By heating the plastic with the mine 3Doodler, this background, allowing you to assemble several pieces of plastic-2D them. The bonding ends up giving something that looks vaguely like 3D. Again, we must know from the outset what we will do and how we will achieve because you must be able to make several prospects to size ... Fortunately, for those who do not have a vocation architect, 3Doodler the site offers numerous sketches that you can use to obtain achievements so slightly successful. I have not tried, but I had a shot of aeil and the last I heard, there was plenty of choice.

Well, ultimately, it is more fitting than anything else, but at least it makes illusion.

c. The "3D-bonded"

Another solution is to use 3D to 3D. This means that you take an object that has the curves you want and you draw on it so that the plastic takes the form. So if I draw on a sphere, my object will be spherical. On a cube, it will be cubic, etc.

In short, all that to say that there are techniques for making 3D but we are far from wonderful magic pen that folds the tumultuous flood your imagination. You'll have to think before acting and structure your ideas before building them in concrete. But what a sense of pride when we finished and it's not (too) missed. The more it goes, the more one acquires its own technique. It's ugly, but it is our creation. And that is priceless. :)

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IV. And you thought he did not pay mine ...
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As I said earlier, the 3Doodler not a dream plastic (yet more plastic, it sells us just dream you might say). In this "material" is not his only fault. You understood, we will deal with plastic refills.

Already, the way the mine is pressed poses a slight concern. Once your mine in the pen, plastic flowing and flowing and flowing and ... well, nothing. We must reload! The problem is that putting a new charging must push what is left of the old. And the plastic starts to flow. But it flows WHILE you push the new refill. Take my word, draw by pushing a refill with teeth, it's not a good idea. So in the end, we lose much of the plastic in this way. You actually consume three quarters maximum wide.

This is not all. You will now understand in full the title of this chapter. Refills are expensive, very expensive, hideously expensive. If you want to use this device more than 4-5 times, we have to either win the lottery (in this case, I accept donations;)) or order your plastic rollers on sites dedicated to 3D printers. And there, I hope you have a favorite color or you'll have a hard time for a few years ... More seriously, some sites sell the rolls by the meter. This is the case of the one on which I supplied. By cons, to order these rolls 1m line had to be purchased by 5 for each color chosen ... As I felt green, I opted for the green. Now I hesitate between a pine forest or alien army. : /

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CONCLUSION: More blocks as drawings
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You are all bilingual. So you know that "doodle" means "griffonage". The name is well chosen. Because it draws more than we scribbles. The creative will need to be patient to achieve a true masterpiece aeuvre. Those who want to actually use the 3Doodler must be prepared to spend. And for that matter, do not put it in the hands of children, teenagers or awkward unless you are no longer connected hospitals and tattoo artists than 3D.

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