Poetry, poetry constantly renewed

Poetry, poetry constantly renewed

Anthology of French Poetry (Paperback)

Customer Review

Georges Pompidou, we remember that it was just president of the republic but not at all that he was an associate professor of letters. And that is the literary speaking in this beautiful anthology of French poetry.

It is a classic choice that is made, also very personal choice on the part of the author explains his own concept of poetry in a beautiful long preface. Choosing is always difficult in an impressive amount of work and I can not follow the author in all of its choice. This is also where the risk of the anthology ... and grandeur.

I had read this book there twenty years and I recently rediscovered. It has the advantage of stability and timelessness, Georges Pompidou having been prudent to stop its choice solely on the already dead poets at the time the book was written (1961). This avoids the disappointment of a false modernity!

I appreciated the fact that at the end of the book the author makes a further extracted by taking this time as to isolated, even sound clips, as if to make an anthology of the anthology and out of the matrix of letters diamonds that speak most to the heart and the soul.

A very good book for a serious introduction to poetry. Reader, you're in good hands!

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