Point and shoot

Point and shoot

Nikon Coolpix L840 Digital Camera (16 Megapixel, 38-fach opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) Red (Electronics)

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Do not worry, in this review it is not an hazardous product, yet I have to at the very beginning to make a confession: As a rather convenient amateur photographer I confess frankly to always be overwhelmed by a me-equipped in their complicated manual controls camera a little , So what is with me in simplicity rather succeeded is an advanced probably go on the nerve, because for example, can be neither time nor change aperture manually. Therefore, I ask this review just to look at under the aforementioned point. Now, however, in order.

Immediately after unpacking stings a course once the very noble, red color of this Nikon Coolpix L 840 digital camera in the eye - that's a pretty part. Clearly, such a bridge camera you can not even just plug as in the existing box shape. With around 540 gram counts a good piece in its kind probably the lightweights. The first positive impression then sat with me while looking at the three-inch monitor (with a resolution of 9210,000 pixels) continues, the addition also still proving to be folded out as tiltable - really not bad. The only complaint is the case of something bulky and slightly annoying lid closure at the bottom of the camera in the pocket for memory card and batteries (four alkaline batteries are supplied) for me. The annoying error message but with the lens closed on display must not be so. Otherwise, there is nothing to criticize in size but in my opinion with respect to the controls, which also applies to the (switchable) flash.

The Coolpix 840 is impressive as well, with its 38-times zoom well, especially since there is a rather rare to findenen wide angle of 22.5 mm in the thickness. It is worth noting also the telephoto of 855 mm. The optical image stabilizer is in such focal lengths also one of the party and works perfectly. When Macro mode can even be approached to within one centimeter, so that about insects have to worry about their privacy. Only with fast-moving subjects, like other reviewers noted, it is then but critical. The picture quality of the recordings I can experience to date, otherwise only be described as excellent, with the possible use here for upcoming Full HD video mode is not really my thing - despite stereo microphone and a separate trigger. Smart is at the L 840, of course, the new Wi-Fi module for wireless data transmission (also offers NFC), so that the rest of the world can quickly share my pictures. Very good deal I'm also with the simple menu navigation of the camera, which presents itself as logical as quickly understandable and do not ever with three question marks in your mind leaves behind.

Again, from my point of view this model is interesting for the group of users which do not want to dwell too much on considerations in the settings. Who simply and quickly want to take pictures in good image quality without having to use only one set of tens keys to get to your destination, which is well served with the Coolpix my estimation and also present here price / performance ratio is consistent. So I forgive from the specific perspective of a simple user ultimately good four stars for the shapely, red version of this Nikon digital camera.

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