poor security - SIM Buy Avoid

poor security - SIM Buy Avoid

Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.)

Customer Review

Sorry, we do our initial evaluation submitted to fast (then 5 star). After one year, a serious RISS was in power. In the fall through the cracks a child was slightly injured !!!!!!!! Based on the product description we have bought back then:
"Safety nets of trampolines are exposed to particular stresses. Therefore, it can come after several years of weathering and use much damage. Since only completely intact safety nets ensure the maximum safety, we offer you a replacement safety net to."
This is exactly what needs are not being met. Sim-buy responds to every message with standard response that the buyer must prove the error after delivery. The number of complaints referring to the poor quality (cracks, falls through the net) is for us proof of the defective product. Sim-buy speculated obvious that no one initiates legal action ...

Here is an excerpt of other reviews on this defective product and sim-buys service understanding:
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) After a short time cracking the plastic one on the bars. He was totally porous because obviously stored incorrectly. The network was therefore unusable. On the complaint was made by the Seller only an outrageous response.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Even during the installation, the network broke into its components!
Inferior Qualität.Kann from buying this network only advise !!!
Under no circumstances, this network would have thought even a summer.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) The safety net sold by the company "sim-buy" for 3.05m trampoline is extremely dangerous to my perception. In normal use of the trampoline with my kids the power is broken in two different places. Fortunately it did not happen because my children not as large (heavy) are.
I set the company "sim - buy" already informed about this from my point of view serious safety deficiency. Besides accusations and excuses success so far no response to this deficiency. This is at least öffenlich that the company "sim-buy" know of this safety deficiency. But if on the existing reviews followed, knows the company SIM BUY offentsichtlich since long by the defects and this benefit with this product.
I wonder what AMAZON doing about it?
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) We have the power purchased directly from SIM Buy and barely 2 years at our trampoline (which is mostly in the shadow) had it.
After a short time, the first rods have drilled through the PVC. These goals could still easily fix with tape. Gradually, the plastic hooks are broken. Annoying, but not unsolvable.
However, the shock came when my son finally jumping to the network flew, the network set off a large area and it brakes slammed backward onto the floor!
From the seller of course came little understanding: first he wanted photos, was followed by a brief explanation that we are as a buyer in the burden of proof and must demonstrate that the network had quality issues ...
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) I bought the Netzt in April this year and at the end of the summer ripped the net on to the splices. Apparently it dissolves literally on the UV radiation!
IN NO EVENT recommending, on the contrary - FOR THE CHILDREN I believe there LIFETHREATENING !!!!
In my letter may only (as in many others) an outrageous answer .......
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) In May 2011, we bought SIM-BUY on Amazon a trampoline-edge coverage and a trampoline "safety net", the product is inferior and not UV-resistant, crumbles easy! And Sim-buy forever is not responding and then illegally: in which there is obviously no guarantee and warranty.! Stay away from this seller!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m can only agree with the negative reviews (Misc.). Barely half a year in operation has broken the power in their full width on the first contact of the child and the child rushed out! Thank goodness they have led only to minor injuries, but could have come much worse. So what should not happen but with a safety net. Question really me why it is possible in Germany, so what to sell.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) We have this safety net stretched around our trampoline, so it provides safety. In mid-May for the first time used the week before last, the friend of my daughter came when jumping just a little with your fingers against the net and it's instantly ripped !! In our opinion, it has become totally in these 3 months by the sun crumbly. I think you should expect more from restraining devices !! The quality is really not durable, thin mesh totally !! No trace of complaint behavior by the supplier !!! A replacement power we buy from the brand Hudora, is only a little more expensive, but much more solid quality !!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) This is a warning to all !!!! In no case this network of this company, Sim Buy, Buy. I bought the network in 2012, it has held only one summer, the breakdown in the autumn it felt quite strange at. Now spring 2013 came the receipt when I took the safety net from the box, it ripped a relatively effortless. The company Sim Buy is no guarantee. Question really me why it is possible in Germany, so what to sell. Even after repeated contacting the seller shows no insight. The only feedback you've finally delivered a perfect product. I'll think about whether I should show this company.
So folks, let the finger away.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) This is good Netzt nothing. After just six months the material is completely porous. So stay away from this junk!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) We have to tear us the 5.0 m trampoline at Sim Buy gekauft.Nach 6 months began the edge cover, the safety net got holes and the locking hooks on entry are demolished. The material was prepared by the sunlight porous (enough photos were shown). The company Sim Buy is no guarantee, subject to our own fault, so we have nothing to obtain compensation from the broken parts. After two years, we can now throw away the trampoline.
Clearly not buy recommendation from us rather give a few euros more and buy something decent !!!!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) But we have deployed bought this network in 2011 still had our old patched, so it did not come until 2012 for approximately 6 months (season, build it in the winter always off) the rest of the trampoline so. After the summer, the plastic closures were due from the material proved to be very porous, up to the bars formed holes and the network yanked after three months, is not very stable. Complaints: None, we should prove that it was previously broken and it was not, but the passage of time.
This review is from: safety net 3.05m trampoline I bought the network last year to replace the previously used safety net of our trampolines (Misc.). Over the summer, it has been through with sorrow and distress. This spring, however, it was completely rotten (although it was not outside in winter). The children are not even on the other hand fell - and we now have three huge holes that we have now once sewn by hand with a sturdy nylon thread. However, the shell of the rods is so rotten that will surely not last long. Daraufin I wrote to the manufacturer and naively thought, maybe get a gesture of goodwill, a new network. The Antowort however, was quite rude, of goodwill or customer care no trace! In this manufacturer I will certainly buy anything more !!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) The network yanked after 4 weeks for the first time. Meanwhile, it is torn on almost every page.
The original network held for 3 years. Going to buy a new tampolin and take as a spare part.
Come definitely cheaper than ever to buy such a scrap.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Have the power bought in the last year (2012) and now want to use again in the spring (2013), but unfortunately our son jumped against the power and tore it away. this network has become so porous in one year, so I would recommend it anyone.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) It is not a good quality, it was brittle and Riess after only 3 weeks on and had holes in it !!!
The only good thing that came of shipping soon.
But already after 1 day I had NEN crack on the net. 10 cm below the top edge.
According to the shop we have the self-inflicted, so no guarantee, no exchange.
My child is just 1.15 m tall and is the only one that jumps out.
The emails are all rude and with such poor grammar and spelling. Does not go at the shop.
I work even commercially, with us everything will be exchanged without difficulty.
Customer nil
Can the purchase of this shop really only advise This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Complete scrap! Is a joke, something at all to sell. We go after not even one year down the trampoline in tatters. 79 Euro we paid in May last year for it. The company does not accept complaints, resorts to "improper use", although in the plastic used obviously a (deliberately been commissioned buying) material error. Clear, otherwise they would have to compensate all buyers or something to change in their material. Incomprehensible that Amazon offers such a scrap, and then itself also does not feel responsible for it. Are so angry that we consider nothing more to order from Amazon. Whilst demand far top customers, maybe they remember something then. One star is a travesty, because you have to place the order the review is even released. Normal would be in the case -3000 star, ie underground.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) ATTENTION !!! WATCH OUT !!! WATCH OUT !!! WATCH OUT !!! ATTENTION !!!!
Have purchased this product in March 2012 and then had to approx Nov. 2012 in use. Then the trampoline for the winter was dismantled.
When we took it in April 2013 again in use, is the power, when our daughter, however, is fallen, torn totally broken and our daughter thus fallen headlong from the trampoline !!!
On a complaint we got the answer that we have to prove that the article had already been damaged on delivery, since the purchase date more than 6 months was back !!
Of course, the net was not damaged during delivery! At least we have not noticed anything.
The seller is therefore not deal with the complaint !!!
Very poor service !!!
Never again !!!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) We have had almost exactly the power one year (removed in winter). In the beginning I thought good quality. Now at us is the same thing happened as with the previous speakers. My son ended up in the net, this is broken and he landed on the ground. This should not happen more. Pay me now on the search for a new network to make and I hope that I find one where the children may well fall in, for there would be since.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Hello, AWAY !!!
Bin unfortunately fallen.
Have a new safety net bought to give up my children again security.
Our trampoline is not even in the sun, and the power has not even held one year.
On my complaint mail has also responded but always ectr with any Abwimmelmails eg proof of burden of proof. Anyway, it was not replaced.
So I can only warn: Stay away !!!!!!
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) We bought the net 6 months ago. Now it is certainly so that here and there a small, self-inflicted Macke can come to power, dageben want and I will not say anything. My son, however, is now come when hopping to the grid and the function should actually be to secure the child. The network immediately tore widthwise from one to another post and my child fell out and hurt himself badly. The communication about this incident with the seller is a mockery, something I've never experienced. I was supposed to turn the Poli time, this is really dangerous. I can only warn against the net and grds. not to buy from this seller again.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Dear buyer, would you advise of a network of this seller. Have a complaint to the seller reported what this has any blame from himself. My son (9Years) has been able to jump only about 4 months on the trampoline, then the network was broken. it is torn across. I have the dealer written on it, which has shown keinerleih efforts to somehow find a solution. We have in Germany but something like a product liability law and it would be me that this is new binding only on the manufacturer. So better look for a dealer who tried to find the buyers in such a situation, a compromise than to refer to the Herstellerr. There is no progress. The original network of Aldi has held for three years, as only the attachments are then broke for network hold.
So decide for yourself what you think is right.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) I had the safety net after delivery, in April (after any frost etc.) assembled and it was used in the normal operation of our children. Now after only 1 Summer is torn at a lean one of our children to the grid at the bottom of this and you can clearly see that the material has become brittle here. I can not imagine that such a Sicherheitsnetzt after only 4 months of use in the summer is already broken, zumahl this defect poses a significant security risk to me.
even after repeated contacting the seller shows no insight. only feedback you've finally delivered a perfect product. If the children can hop naughty or nice in the middle of such a problem also not arise. From here Customer so no trace. So that's just in Germany ;-) This review is from: (Misc.) Safety net 3.05m trampoline is ripped after only one month of normal use. Of course, children fall times, however, but it is done so. Heuer in the second season, it depends almost in tatters even though we have removed the trampoline in October and re-erected until April.
This review is from: Safety net for trampoline 3.05m (Misc.) Review of June 2013: have the power now since March 2012. Unfortunately, it begins much earlier than to tear the original network. It is my opinion insufficiently weatherproof because it already gives up the ghost after 14 months although it was stored in a cool, dry winter in the basement.

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