Price-performance ratio was really great!

Price-performance ratio was really great!

Trust GXT 31 Gaming Mouse Black (Accessories)

Customer Review

I've bought the identified above mouse. I was looking for something that is both suitable for my large hands, this remains low in the acquisition and still looks dibasic.

And what can I say? I was not disappointed.

Trust provides the GXT 31 Gaming Mouse is an alternative to the market-leading Roccat products. The material feels very comfortable, on the inner side (for right-handers) is a rubberized, ribbed surface mounted, which ensures the balance of the mouse in hand, even with longer games evenings with sweaty hands.

The two main mouse buttons respond precisely, the function keys are variable to impose the enclosed software, so you can program the desired.

The surface finish is brushed and feels really great in the palm of. Since nothing slips away or equivalent By using the supplied weights can also carry out manual adjustment and increase the ease of use again.

The 5 different DPI modes can be a button, even game, switch and thereby provide a pallet that supplementary the "Smooth" setting the most useful Shooter

Conclusion: The purchase is highly recommended. This gives a solid product, with 3 years warranty, for a purchase price of around 30th

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